Foolish Encounters (hmmm)

10 01 2011

So I stole my laptop back… and I thought I’d take a peek at the drafts on here.  If there was anything interesting that I had started… and I found this one.  All I could think was.. hu.. that sounds interesting.  I clicked on it, and nope nothing.. damn.

Usually I write a sentence or two, just so I know what I want to write about.  Because I have a mind like a sieve, given three minutes to relax I forget what I was up to.  Now I’m sitting here completely intrigued.. what the hell was I talking about?    I feel like there was some awesome gossip and I’m missing out on it, except I know I don’t have anything exciting to report.

ok that’s it .. lol  (I moved this post due to the Tedx business I just didn’t want this lame post as the first thing people see. :D)

Bed time 🙂



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