The Roommate Exchange

12 12 2010

You know, I actually made a point to mentally go over my old roommates good points in my head.  To try to remember how he’s a pretty cool guy, with an interesting life and history.  But sometimes he made that really hard to do, with his misogynistic attitude and complete disrespect for his roommates and others around him.

The funny thing is, it wouldn’t have bothered me as much if he didn’t expect everyone to respect him and his wants and needs while completely ignoring ours.  Example, he bangs some hoochie and has her scream like he’s killing her.. encourages her.  And when I say it’s rude and inappropriate he said it was none of my business because what goes on in his room is his business.  Not when I can hear it in the kitchen it isn’t.   But then, if I watched tv in my room he’d get massively twitchy about it like I was doing something terrible.  And even worse, he could just shoot me a skype message or, poke his head in the door to ask me to turn it down/close the door.  And I did every single time, with out sass talk or being a bitch… oh look here comes another girl.  wtf  don’t get me wrong I couldn’t’ have cared less about how many girl he brought home and banged it was that I had to hear every detail that annoyed me.

While I was in Hong Kong he sent me an obnoxious message about my kitten and it pissed me off so badly that I removed him from my facebook and decided to tell him to the hell out when I got back.  But he apologized before I got home, and you know me if I can avoid a situation I probably will.

Needless to say I was actually quite pleased when he said he was moving, and really starting looking for replacements.  I was getting a little nervous at one point, because the Young He place had an empty room, and  he wasn’t finding anyone good either plus I knew two other friends that had empty rooms in their places.  I had resigned myself to having to float the rent on my own determined to not have a wanker move in (actually that was part of the reason Sarah and I took this place was because the rent was do-able without a third).

Although I did have some faith that it would all work out in the end, it always does eventually, so I stuck to my dogged positive attitude and hooray!

The weekend before he moved out, three guys came over to take a look, all three were very nice and cool and I would have been fine with any of the three.  And Joe called that day and said he wanted to  move in.  First I had to talk to him and make sure I wasn’t getting another Adam.. but it all worked out.  It was a real weight off my mind that someone was moving in and more importantly he seemed like a really nice guy.. aka not a douche.

That week Mike and I repainted that room, because it hadn’t been done the whole time I’ve lived here and it’s the cheapest and easiest face-lift you can give a place.  We decided to do it anyway, even though we’d found someone I thought it would be nice to give that room a new look, and new karma :D.  Plus then I got to play with the furniture and move it around, which I think I’ve established I LOVE doing.  I think the set up now is much better than before.. and it’s de-adamed to the room for me :).

Anyway, I had no idea how well I was trading up!  Joe is super cool,and super chill and the polar opposite of being a dick (ie old roommate), added bonus he’s a bit of movie and sometimes tv junkie 😀  so we sit around watching crap and chatting, hooray!  Most excellent, I don’t find myself cringing when the door opens, instead I’m well pleased to see him.  Of course it’s entirely possible he’s just a normal person and I’m just so excited to not have to deal with Adam’s rude, anitcs that I think he’s so great.

So now it’s myself, The new guy and Sacha who was already not a douche  .. a freaking goof ball yes but that’s another story 😀

hmm well it’s a beautiful sunny day.. and I’m laying on the roof typing on my laptop (I’ve kinda missed you little computer, I think this time apart has been good for us).

But time is up and I need to turn over 😉

Will write more later, honest 😀



5 responses

13 12 2010

insert inappropriate question here…. (RAY my blog is public!!!)?

13 12 2010

seems someone edited your comment… damn internet

13 12 2010

mmmmm. You did mention something to me recently… in an email….

13 12 2010

did I.. waiiit.. no hahah I think that was something else… email me to remind me though!

15 12 2010

I’m glad you have a better roomie than Adam. We should’ve tossed him off the balcony with Caju when Shane was living there. I’m sure it wouldn’t have been tough to say he slipped 😀 lol

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