Love Eternal

5 12 2010

I believe it.  If you love someone and fall out of love.. then I don’t think you really loved them.   That said I do think it’s entirely possible for you or the other person to change so much that you may love them but the previous version of them.. or something like that.  Love is forever end of story.

I thought I was in love with.. him him him and him and even him… but I wasn’t.  The relationship ended and I saw it for it was, lust, boredom, entrainment, comfort.  I loved what I wanted them to be.  I loved the idea.  But I didn’t love them.  Love can change but it doesn’t just dispear.

I have been in love with two people, and I will love them forever, the intensity or pattern might change.  It may no longer be applicable or relevant in my current life… but they will always hold a part of my soul.  I will always love them.

People who talk about true love, need to be given a good wack to the head.  What other kind is there?  Love is love.  If you went about talking about ‘true rocks’ or true water, or true sun… you’d get locked up in the loony bin.  You may even grow to hate someone you love, you may resent them.. but you will always love them.  And if you don’t if you find yourself genuinely not caring one day.  Then how can you say you ever loved them?

That is what I believe.  Agree or don’t, it makes no difference to me.  I know it’s true in my reality.  And I prefer mine to a reality where love just disappears… that doesn’t make any sense to me, why would you even want it to?



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10 06 2010

That’s funny. I was just thinking of writing a post similar to this, but didn’t really know what to say, or where to start. I agree completely with what you just said, although you said it didn’t matter if I did. And I laughed about the ‘true rocks’. lol. If you really loved someone, the love never disappears and it’s impossible to make it go away. The best you might acheive is tucking it away on a back shelf somewhere, if that’s what you choose to do.

11 06 2010

I agree. If you love someone it means that you give them a piece of yourself and that piece will always belong to them, time is of no consequence cos it is forever. At least the pain of losing them diminishes to a level that you can live with and allow you to love again….usually with greater intensity cos you careful the next time round.

12 06 2010


22 06 2010

If you’re in love then that’s how it will be for you.

7 07 2010


7 07 2010

I have two classifications for romantic love: “I truly love you” (which is forever) and “I am IN love with you” (which you can fall out of).

To your point, I am not a believer of “un-loving”, unless hate completely replaces it. Then, for me, it becomes “I used to love you”. The orginal love remains unchanged…but no longer exists in the current state of relationship.

7 07 2010

This is very true.

but is not hate a form of love. Can we really have the passion to really hate someone we didn’t/don’t love? I’m sure it’s possible but I find for myself that more often than not if there is/was no love the hatred fades to a strong dislike. Except in the rare occasion that the object of hate is tied up with something else that is loved. Perhaps that’s just me though.

15 07 2010

Well, I do have people I hate. Some I have once loved and some I have never loved at all.

My hate is more passionate, for sure, when it is tied up with something else that is love. Uh-huh, yep, definately!

18 07 2010

For me, Love is when you’d miss someone if they were gone. But I have levels of mine and I’ll explain them.

1. Missing them if they were gone.- Mostly means I get along with that person/have some good times with them. We laugh often. Care if something went wrong for them but not a person you’d call everyday.

2. Buddy Love.- Sort of knowing the edges of a person. You’ve seen each other often and hung out a bit. Know their eye color and a few of their dislikes and likes. The love is growing here, along with the trust and everything else for me because I am fishing out if I want them as a close or far friend.

3. Sharing Love.- I’ve opened myself up to them because I feel safe/have trust with them. I’ll be my true self with them. I won’t be shy or coy or the bubbly person. I will be me and a friend to them. We will discuss topics of all sorts along with -VERY- personal things that only a person with an open mind can understand. Defines people for who they really are. You really begin to understand that person and want them around more often not only because they are fun to be around but it also makes you a more enjoyable person through your conversations or what they may teach you and etc etc.

4. Always N’ Always Love. ( Always In All Ways.) – This is where I want them to be apart of my life through out it. Be it in a partner/sexual way, a friendship way or a sort of mother, father person to me. I know that all they will ever do is be who they are, help me when times are rough as I will do them. I can speak with them openly without worry of them saying “Fuck you! you wanka!”…..and mean it! lol And I feel that I can always just be who I am with them. Stage 4 Always In All Ways in what I’d call “True Love.” or “Love”. That this person has changed me for the better and I’ll always cherrish that.

Don’t get me wrong…I have a dislike/hate scale as well!! I don’t just love everybody! But the way I’ve designed my love..Is that a little bit of love is easy to earn..but to keep the respect, the love, the kindness, the positive influence of me on your side. You must be who you are and not a moron trying to bring everyone around you down with your ship. I love to be a free person. and I like everyone else to be a free person. I don’t bind anyone to believe what I believe…but I want the same from them. The kindness to take me as I am and not try to shape me into what they’d like me to be.

Blessed Be.

23 07 2010

I like the scale, very well put!

18 07 2010

Oh wait… I so went on a rant there. and forgot the main thing..I blame the listing! damn you listing numbers! but it does fit in here.


I do believe love is love. But. I think the love does change. I believe that you loved them as they were or as you were. Then you saw your personalitys clashing or the situtation changed. Whatever it may be. I believe.. you can stop loving them in certain ways. but the level of love changes…or the level of dislike changes. For me….

It all depends on the person for me. Who that person is inside will determine where the relationship will go. And what type of relationship I was in with them.

23 07 2010

it’s cool I was into the rant, 😀 I like getting all these perspectives

22 07 2010

I’ve been in love exactly once and have no plans of doing so again in the near or distant future. It’s good to know what it’s like, but it’s distorted my attempts at building romantic relationships with other people because now I know it’s not there with them and feels empty. I think love is forever and is unfortunately as true even when it doesn’t work out in the end.

Love is like the burning coals you can warm your heart with when you are feeling like the world around you is so cold and lonely, remembering that one time you possessed it and the memory of what it brought you helps make life more bearable, but it also burns a bit too. And occasionally makes your eyes water a bit.

23 07 2010

I’m in a really bad mood about love right now, but I still think that’s a little negative… but I’ll write more about that later 😛

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