The Law of Attraction

29 11 2010

What’s the deal with attraction?  What makes it happen or not?  Are there any general rules, secrets or tricks?  Do you know, does anyone?

How about on a smaller scale?  Do you know what fuels your own attractions?  We all have a few obvious ones, turn ons, turn offs but there is more to it than that.  I mean yeah I’m attracted to a physical type right off the bat, around 6 feet tall, rather specific shoulder width but that is not to say that I can’t or don’t branch out side of that.

We’ve all had it happen.  You meet someone you’re attracted to them, there even appears to be a spark but when you pursue what you think is a potential match you discover you read it all wrong.  And it  sucks.  You’re a great friend but I’m just not interested in you or attracted to you, it’s a HUGE blow to the ego.  Makes you contemplate what’s wrong with you, what is that makes you so unappealing.. and so on.  Que self bashing.

The flip side, someone is into you, and for all intensive purposes they are great, but you’re just not interested.  You don’t find them attractive, but you don’t want to lose the friendship… sticky situation.  Perhaps they are just too interested in you, and while it seems like that would be flattering and an ego boosting it really isn’t.  It’s frustrating, and it kinda sucks.

So how the hell does anyone ever get together?  I mean is it cosmic, do the sun moon and stars have to be lined up just right to make it work?

It’s not even as simple as I’ve just summarized right here.  Come on think about it, how many times have experienced this.  Instant attractions a connect, chemistry, of course we’ve all had that at some time or another.  How about you met someone one who was attractive but you just didn’t think about them that way, at least not at first.  Now factor in “I’m attracted to him/her” vs “I’m not attracted to him/her”.

Now throw this into the mix, not being attracted to some one doesn’t mean you find them unattractive.  It could just mean you have no real feelings either way, if you’re living in this zone you can probably be swayed.  But what if you flat out find them unattractive?   People meet and end up with people they ‘never would have thought’ all the time.  Heck, look at Charolate on Sex in the city, she married the short bald dude who she initially thought no way about.

So how about you? Could you date someone you were on the fence about, someone who you weren’t attracted to per-say?   How about someone you found unattractive, no matter how wonderful of a person they are?    I suspect this makes me a terrible person, but for me the answers are sure I’d be willing to give them a chance, followed by a resounding no.  Does it make me a horrible shallow person?  Probably, but there isn’t much I can do about that.  It’s not to say he has to be a super model, I just have to find him attractive, am I really asking too much?



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30 10 2010

I think you just have to follow your gut on that one, whether you have an initial “attraction” or not, I believe your instinct will tell you whether or not a certain someone is worth a chance or not.

30 10 2010

Oh I know that I”m just saying that it’s interesting / weird how some people are for all intents and purposes seem ‘fine’ but you’re just not into them… and how some people can be absolutely perfect (or not) but not good looking enough) I’m not actually faced with any kind of decision myself.. lol.. just pondering.

12 11 2010

It was great meeting you last night, Magda. I’ve been a long time reader of your blog, so it was nice to meet you after all these years. Hopefully I’ll make it out to a game club activity some week.

13 11 2010

Yeah Scott, it was odd but fun meeting you! yet another random reader comes out of the wood work 🙂 I do hope you can make it to games sometime. The group has some core people and seems to be growing 🙂

12 11 2010

Hey Mag, nice to see you posting again, although everyone at work thinks I am a perv from the pics I am looking at (your blog)… lol!

13 11 2010

lol pervy what .. it was important to the meaning of the .. ok I just wanted to get pervy on Shermar .. num

12 11 2010

If your comment the other day on FB was about how people don’t comment on your blog posts, it might generate more comments if you posted more than once every three weeks :D. That being said, the only people who ever really comment on my blog are Jill and Raygan, and I post all the time… so who knows 🙂

13 11 2010

true.. but I honestly sat down to write the other day and then got cranky that no one seems to read anymore and then couldn’t be bothered 😛

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