Who’s the real Terrorist?

25 11 2010

interestingly… my sister commented on the ‘don’t touch my junk site’ about how she’d rather be felt up and molested than blown up in the sky by a terrorist.

While I respect her right to her opinion mine differs greatly.

Definition of TERRORISM

: the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion


noun \ˈter-ər, ˈte-rər\

: a state of intense fear
a : one that inspires fear : scourgeb : a frightening aspect <the terrors of invasion>

I’d rather not be abused, mistreated and pretty much sexually assaulted when it doesn’t actually prevent anything.  If it was the only way to be sure you were safe and was totally effective sure, but it’s not.  And as someone who has been subjected to abuse in airports by TSA agents.

I’m enraged (well as much as I really can be being the mellow burger I usually am) at this current ‘attempt’ to keep us safe.  Safe from what?  What the heck are the requirements for being a TSA agent anyway?  Because as far as I can tell it’s the guys who were rejected from the police force most of the time.    Oh good Mall cops with a superiorety complex fantastic.

I’d rather be blown up than be kept safe in a way that completely denies me the right to my own body.   And that’s from someone who has never been raped, imagine how the millions of woman who have been feel.  It’s too god damn far, they have machines that detect the most minute amounts of explosive residue, bomb dogs and metal detectors.  You don’t need to give me cancer or molest me to make sure I’m not up to anything shady.  Why not use those millions of dollars for training the TSA agents properly?  Hopefully this is the straw that will break the camel’s back.

You ARE not safer due to this.  It’s garbage and people are allowing their fear, which is driven by the media and American Government,  desire for someone else to take the responsibility and hold their hand, absolutely too far.

I fly frequently, and molesting people, or taking naked radioactive scans of their bodies doesn’t make me feel safe.  Security personnel that are professional and alert, who take their job seriously and don’t abuse their power make me feel confidant.

My body is nobody’s body but mine.  I don’t give a shit who you are, even the police are not permitted to touch you in this way.   If I could I would join the legal suits.

The water thing was stupid, but this is too far.



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26 11 2010

I ended up leaving the site because I felt attacked for my opinion. I am all about debating choices, but zealots are not my forte.

I truly have no issue with this, because I have the choice of not flying. Go ahead, scan me… to me it’s better than the touching. Although frankly, I’m okay with the touching, too. Because it’s my choice to be touched. That’s not rape to me. I’m allowing it, because I’m choosing to fly. If I didn’t want to fly there are alternatives. Granted they take dramatically longer, but there are still choices.

I’m well aware that my opinion is not shared by all, but it really is not that important to me. *shrug*

26 11 2010

Ok so I was writing… and it turned into a continuation of the previous rant.. lol.. so I’m just posting it as a post on it’s own 😀 It started as a reply I swear.. but took on a life of it’s own. Honestly I’m curious myself what it is exactly about all of this that has gotten my feathers so ruffled. I think it’s where I’m concerned this is going.

26 11 2010

Interesting to note that my comment is no longer there. Agenda much? *shakes head*

26 11 2010

I’m going to reply to your real comment.. but I just checked…and you comment is still there 🙂 Not sure why you didn’t see it.

26 11 2010

How many millions of passengers on how many thousands of airplanes have flown all over the world since 9/11? How many of those passengers tried to blow up a plane with a bomb in his underpants?

One: A single, young, Muslim man. Traveling alone. No luggage. Buys a one-way ticket with cash. Oh, that and the fact his father had reported him to security agencies well before he turned up at the airport.

We do not need to be protected by our government. We only need its agents to exercise an ounce of common sense.

26 11 2010

That’s not entirely true…. but I agree with your point… millions of flights go along every day.. I’m sure if we were to look at the statistics the chances of you being killed by a terrorist vs.. say being hit by a bus, dying of the flu or even a fatal ball point pen injury… would really put somethings in perspective.

This reminds me of when they were trying to frighten the masses about the use of the drug E… saying that 6 people had died last year from using it. Being the smart ass university students we were we decided to look a few things up and discovered that in that same year there had been 8 or 10 (I don’t remember the exact number I just know it was more) deaths due to ball point pens. Of course this sparked huge debates on how one gets killed by a fucking pen… lol

26 11 2010

I really like the Facism storm trooper picture and I think I’m going to add it to my post about Dachau. The shit that is going down in the US and the world today is the exact same crap that led up to WW2. How can people not learn from their history? Well, it’s because we aren’t taught what really happened? Just like we don’t know what’s really going on these days because our media or governments hide it or tell us BS stories to make us terrified of the “bad guys”.

Though I do agree that the issue is less about airplane flights than many many other issues. It is your choice to fly, but it’s shouldn’t be your choice to destroy the earth and kill everyone else along with it. Nor should it be your choice to target one group of ppl (aka Muslims/Jews/Political dissidents) because one person did something bad. 9-11 doesn’t make all Muslims bad, and to think so is just ridiculous fear mongering!

27 11 2010

The argument that people who don’t want to be violated can choose another mode of transportation is weak. It has already been reported that some have called for the same security measures to be implemented at train stations. Hell, a few years back when that nut job beheaded the guy sitting next to him on the bus outside Winnipeg, there were people calling for airport-type security at bus stations

So, the idea that everyone who objects can switch to another mode of transportation is bogus. Supposing people did do just that – take trains en mass. How long do you think before the terrorists follow?

27 11 2010

Yes, but Wayne, there have been many “terrorist” attacks on buses or more prevalently on trains and there are “security measures” in place that don’t involve strip searching people and banning them from drinking water. Nor are there massive security measures in place or terroist attacks on subways, which people ride everyday. Makes you wonder why that is?

The argument for not taking a plane if you don’t want to be strip searched is equally as weak and pathetic as the smoker’s argument back in the day of “don’t go to a restaurant if the cigarette smoke bothers you”, but the fact is, if it bothers you so much, then you do have the choice not to do it. Flying is after all a luxury, not a God given right. I’m not saying that the laser-scan- your-body, so that you can fly, is right, or that I agree with it. I don’t. I’m just saying that the issues stem from a much deeper place than traveling on an airplane.

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