Hu… stumped

21 10 2010

So there has been some nagging for me to blog and post.. not sure why it’s not like anyone reads this anymore.

So without looking at the 25 half written posts I was just sitting here thinking about what to write.  And really there isn’t much to talk about… life is rather uneventful as of late.  Now hang on aren’t I busy half the time?  I barely work.. wtf am I doing?  Well sometimes I watch TV, play on the internet, play board games, go to work, sleep, play with the small furry demon living in my house….   seriously nothing of particular interest.

I have started learning how to do personal training and am training a friend of mine.  Sound exciting… but meh so far it’s just stuff.  hmmm Had someone who appeared to be taking an interest in me… but before that could actually be considered interesting it turned out he was gay… (I should have known… local dudes don’t think I’m hot.. that was suspect from the beginning).   My cat is cute and friendly to all.. um…

See.. I’m all tapped out.

Casey never talks to me anymore, and I’m tired of being unappriciated.  But like with so many other situations (being the friend who calls, the friend that always invited people, always organizes things) as soon as you stop making an effort it turns out no one else seems to give a crap enough to ever contact you.  Depressing.. but unfortunately true.

Tracey tries to talk to me, but time zones and work don’t seem to be our friends.

I still have no passport bc I didn’t know how to spell my previous last name.. that while was legally my name for a while I never used it.

I still loathe the fact that people think it’s hilarious to call me “Maggie” when I specifically tell them I don’t like it.  WTF is that???  Yes my rule is if you know me by that name I have no right to tell you to change it… and the funny thing is most people just changed anyway bc it was easier.  But along come the people who haven’t known me that long, they hear I used to have another name.  OOOH secret must know it.   I am hesitant to tell them, not because I care but because most people then proceed to slip Maggie into the conversation to try to get a reaction. Seriously? “Hey don’t punch me in the face bc it hurts and I don’t like it”  … “Oh really”  PUNCH PUNCHPUNCH AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHH … hilarious.  What am I talking for my own entertainment??  Didn’t I just fucking say I don’t like that??  “Well you don’t need to over react, it was just a joke, I thought it would be funny”.

Yes. Hilarious.

Let’s see….  oh yes and there are tiny ants on my desk.. there you’re all caught up now.



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21 10 2010
Grant Dexter

You could take me up on my offer. 🙂

21 10 2010

Awwww. you know you can call me anytime,, I will call you email chat tweet something.. I am happy to see you are done not being appreciated.. whoooooohoooooo good for you.. I have been using my favorite saying in the last couple of days with my new job, cause really I dont know people well enough and some of them are already like ” whos the new girl ,, why is she learning so fast, why is she selling already” I even had a coworker go all passive aggressive on my yesterday infront of a client..”major pet peeve” so to those who do not appreciate,, I say ”Fuck the haters.” lol say it seriosly its funny. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmwwwwwwwwwwwwwhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooooooooooooo I love you.

21 10 2010

ohhh ohh and I read .. religously just dont always have a sec to comment .. but its part of my everyday check. 😉

22 10 2010

I don’t think you should limit yourself to just blogging about what’s going on in life. Post a video that amuses/moves you (with or without an explanation as to why). Write a short story. Write a poem. Post a poem. The possibilities are endless!

Short Story:
A boy woke up one morning on a beach. Waking up on a beach isn’t particularly strange, but what made this ESPECIALLY strange is that he went to sleep a turtle. Why was he now a boy?

After figuring out how to walk on two legs instead of four, he ventured into the jungle that lay in front of him. As he walked, he pondered his actions the night before. What could have happened that made him a… human boy?

Nothing came to mind. As he walked, the jungle slowly faded away and turned into a small village. Knowing no one and having no place to go was hard at first, but hours turned to days, days into months and months into years, the boy grew to become a man. A very powerful business man who lived in a concrete jungle, hundreds of miles from the sea.

One morning he woke up, wife by his side, children in their rooms and thought to himself. How did I get here? He thought about the corporate ladder, working and going to school full time and… He had memories of a village he came from as a boy, but he long forgot about the sea, and his life as a turtle.

24 10 2010

I love reading your blog and as we don’t talk a lot, I love reading about what you’re up to as well! 🙂 Thanks for writing!

25 10 2010

yes, and whatever you write about is fine by me!

even your trip to Japan…

love you!

28 10 2010

I too love to read your blog

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