Kohl’s Cares

27 08 2010

This company in the states that my friend (who just had a baby and her husband and also my friend went a little wild making a website for the baby, if you’re into baby pictures you can check it out here .  He’s actually quite a good photographer, so while I don’t give a hoot about baby pictures, his pics are really good.  Here are some more of his photos if you’re into that sort of thing on Flicr. Fuck ramble ramble.. sorry back to the point) MJ works at, Kohl’s .. which I always thought was spelled Coles, is giving away 10 million dollars to 20 schools which is a pretty nice thing to be doing.    Now of course their probably not doing it just out of the goodness of their hearts, but hey when you give away 10 million dollars I think you deserve a little attention and good press.

So the way they’ve decided to do it is to hold a contest online through facebook, handy as everyone is there most of the day anyway.   You go to their facebook ‘busines’s and then you can vote 20 times (max of 5 times per school).  I love things that let me be philanthropic with other people’ money.

So even cooler my friend Casey lives in Milwaukee and apparently Kohls is a Milwaukee based company.  There are three schools in the running in the Milwaukee area, and as he said it would be borderline criminal to not have those schools win.  I mean a local (ish) business is giving money to schools, some of it should stay local.

Well you know how he is, he gets excited about a project and suddenly it’s go time.  So with out any possible reward or though for himself or his own time and projects he threw himself into trying to get these schools to win. Primarily St Marcus, http://bit.ly/9nJKmG

I wonder if his fire has any relation to his bff being named Marcus? But I digress :P.  Turns out the school appreciates his offerts and to help him help them win has offered to buy xboxes for winners of a side contest that you can find all about here http://mydeadxbox.com/Magdalicious.html I’m not going to go into detail about it because.. well he already went through all the work on his own site, and yes what it boils down to is I’m lazy.  Obviously the catch is the school has to win in order for anyone to win said xboxes but hey can’t be that hard can it?

Please support education and the such like, you have 20 votes, use the other 15 anyway you like (I looked up schools that I thought weren’t getting enough love) but please use 5 of your votes for St Marcus.  It would mean a lot to me if you could just take the 5 minutes to ‘like’ the kohl’s cares page, allow it access to your profile (nothing shady there just typicial FB application business) and then vote for the schools.


Funny thing I never watched his video on this site, but his video was actually pretty good, it shows the school and the superintendent from the school.  As well as walking you through how to do the voting process.

So please, go vote for St Marcus, and please ask your friends and Family to do it as well.  It would mean a lot to me if you could take the 5 minutes and help out.  Plus if you sign up on the Xbox list you have the chance to win an xbox (I personally don’t even like video games, but I freaking love winning free shit!!)

Did you vote?  Have you done it yet?  Don’t make me call you and nag… I’ll do it… you know I will.  How about now.. voted?  Good Thanks

MWAH love you!



7 responses

28 08 2010

I voted. You pestered me enough and I did it 🙂

28 08 2010


30 08 2010


30 08 2010

yay thanks

30 08 2010


30 08 2010

Thank you mummy

7 09 2010

Sigh we didn’t win.. pout

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