Bad Sandwich?

22 08 2010

Friday sucked, I didn’t really get anything done, which irritated me.  Then I went to a make up class at my school, and the kids were really annoying and then after class my supervisor wanted to talk to me.  And while it wasn’t it really felt like an ambush it was my day off and I was just there for my own special class.  Anyway there was some mix up with the schedule last semester, and I don’t really remember who said what, I do know that everyone was a bit unsure as to what was happening.  I found a schedule and asked if it was right.  My guess is because it was all so confusing whom ever I talked to just said yeah that looks right with out looking closely, and I didn’t question it.

Anyway long story short, it sucks, but what is done is done.  I was trying to find solutions but I felt like there was just a lot of finger pointing going on.  Is it your fault why didn’t you ask?  If you asked, then who did you ask.. was it this person or that…   In the end I just took the blame because I was tired of the circle.  But it really stressed me out, because there wasn’t anything I could do about it.  Yes I know that should make it all better, but for the time being it didn’t.

Then I lost my phone, went on an excursion trying to find a damn shoe adapter thing for my Nike plus sensor.  Which ended up being terrible frustrating experience, bah….

Then I went home and had a damn drink (ice cream smoothie with baileys 🙂 ) Yay then I got a message, that my phone was at school and that I could pick it up after 1130.  I had had such a day, I was really distracted and distressed.

Then the next day I waited till 12, to make sure someone would be there.. got there and discovered that no I was wrong.. she had said BEFORE 1130.  DAMN IT.  Then worse yet I was meant to go to Sandy’s to hang out and pick up my stuff that she brought me.  But I didn’t write down the address because el clever here was planning on just checking the address on the phone on the way.

So I was faced with this day sucking too.. spill over.  NO DO not want.  So I rang one of my student’s door bell, borrowed their computer to check the address and I was off.  Went on a bit of a goose chase about trying to find the house, finally got there a little late.  But just in time for lunch! Sandy’s mum made us a great lunch, we had a gossip, she showed me all her wonderful bf presents (WANT.. if I can’t have the bf can I at least have prezzies?) She went to get a facial and I came along for a chat, then I had a facial after she was done.

My my that was pampery, I wouldn’t do it as often as she does (once a week.. nutter), but it was nice.  Then I wandered around a bit in her neighborhood… talk about accessories wowie.  Then on my way home I decided I had a hankering for Tappenyaki, so I went  and fulfilled that little desire.

Then home to play with the cat and clean the house a bit, all in all a decent day.

Now it’s Sunday and it’s panning up to suck a little I don’t have my phone, and I have no idea if anyone is going to play games.  So I’m going to go and hang out.. and hope for the best.  But I hate that, I don’t really care if I know if and when people will be coming, or if I can any way to get in touch with them to see if they have last min cancelled.  But I’m going to do my best to make the best of the day.. sigh 😛



2 responses

24 08 2010

Perhaps you should have had the Bailey`s smoothie in the morning…

24 08 2010

bahhahahah totally.. 😀 perhaps I’ll start my days with Bailey’s smoothies from now on, it can be my coffee and when everyone asks why I’m so chipper I’ll tell them I’m not chipper I’m perpetually buzzed 😀

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