Hong Kong the Second

13 08 2010

Sigh, as usual life gets in the way of me getting on top of writing.. here is my trip from Hong Kong, Check back  later to see if I’ve added pictures.. or more pictures anyway.

Another weekend in Hong Kong

How’s about a general update plus details about this weekend?  Since all my other writing projects seem to be living in the land of limbo, actually I’ve written a bunch of stuff, but none of it is done yet.

Anyway, this weekend I ended up going back to Hong Kong for some fun and silliness.  My flight got in late Wednesday night, Gabs and I had a bit of a gossip before heading to bed for the night.  We ended up getting up all early to go out on a junk boat for the day, which had a lot of potential to be fantastically fun.  But unfortunately the people on the boat where kinda douchy, some might suggest that they were that way because they were French ;).  Mostly it just wasn’t very social outside of their own comfort level.

I had brought Gabs a Canada flag towel and we brought it on the boat, and several people made obnoxious comments about it.  Luckily Gabby can hold her own and had no problem telling them off because it was Canada day and we could sport our flag if we wanted to!

Overall the day wasn’t bad at all, the weather was gorgeous and swimming and playing on the boat was amusing.  Plus spending the day with Elise, Sarah, Pierre, and Gabby was great it just could have been more fun if more people had been friendly and social, and not refusing to talk to anyone if they weren’t speaking French.  Although I have to say, I was wildly entertained by the two dudes who were left behind when the boat left and they had to catch up in a speed boat.  Excellent.

That night we went out for Kababs and ceasers.. yum.  Although Gabby’s bf got sick the next day from one or the other.  We met up with Yang (yay) and the girls at the Canadian bar in Lan Kwai Fong but headed home early. Happy Canada Day I suppose, though there was no silly birthday cake, pout.

On Friday we were planning on going to Ocean park to play on the rides but we ended up lazing out because we weren’t up to getting up really early again.  In the end we decided to hoof it up the mountain to Victoria Peak, it was actually really fun, the weather had been so darn good.  Which was nice change from the previous trip which was ridiculously foggy the entire time,  Plus both Gabby and I don’t like hiking, in the crazy running up a mountain sense, so we were both more than ok with a leisurely pace up the mountain.

I got a few nice pictures and we chatting with some hotties from Argentina at the peak.  That night we decided to try this new Vietnamese place Gabby had been eyeballing and watch a movie, food was yum and the movie was interesting but not at all what I expected.  Have you seen Shutter Island?  It’s not all that scary, and the twist was interesting but it wasn’t the best movie.  Although, much of that could likely be chalked up to expectations.

Gabby needed to work on Saturday morning, so I lounged about at home, and went for a run before Gabby got back from work.  Then we headed out to meet up with friends to go to the beach for Amanda’s (yang) birthday BBQ.  That was pretty cool, it took ages to get out there and there was some rather frustrating taxi drama (first we didn’t want to go far enough and at the end of the night too far, insert eye roll here! I had a good time chatting with Yang’s friends at the beach.  We got home early evening, got showered up, dressed an headed out to the dirty drunken place.

While I was annoyed with one guy’s lame perception that everyone desperately wanted a piece of him (seriously? no thanks), over all it was fun.  We spent most of the night outside a favourite local bar, Qi Shi Yi, we even tried to migrate a couple of times but our little group just kept growing.  Bunch a boozers on the street.  Shameless.

The end of the night ended as I always insist it does, at Ebinezers with a lamb kabab.. yum!  I ended up making new friends in there with this guy and girl who were so funny.  Basically the girl and I were totally terroising her friend, but it really was his fault.  I mean anyone who is being silly insisting on the man giving him the good lamb, is just asking for mocking.  My point was even if he insisted on the good lamb, it was all the same and he was going to get what they gave him and his drunk ass could like it or lump it.  Gabby was tired though so we headed home.  The next day mostly consisted of me loafing about, sleeping in and packing to come back to Taipei.

All in all a decent way to spend the weekend, I find it funny that I started writing this on the bus back from the airport, and promptly forgot about it… but I’m on the bus heading out to the airport yet again… was looking for something to do and voila.  :0

I wonder how long it will take me to write about this Trip I’m taking to Japan



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