Little Stories: Nick with pants

5 08 2010

So when I was in Thailand, the night was silly and kinda lame but it made a turn for the better when I met this cool dutch girl.  And some, apparently, very famous dutch comedian a bunch of crazy brits.. quite a few random fun people.  At this one point I was chatting with this one guy and some dude went flying by and started acting like a monkey, literaly.  It was funny and the guy I was talking to me dared me to say hi to the monkey guy, but I had to say ‘Hi monkey boy’.

So I did, we ended up having a fun little chat.  He shakes my hand, introduces himself as Nick, and then promptly whips his pants off.

o.O I had enough ridiculous maleness for the night.. (that’s a different story) so I just turned around and walked away.

I did look back and saw he was wringing them out, and it occurred to me that he might have just come out of the ocean but still.  I mean hi, my name is nick.. WHIP no pants.

So I’m off talking to Eva, and he bounds up with pants on this time, and insists on a do over.

So he says, “Hi, I’m Nick-with-pants, you may have met my twin brother a few minutes ago he’s a bit of dick, his name is Nick-without-pants.  But don’t worry he’s gone and he won’t be bothering you anymore.  I on the other hand am a really nice guy, I appologize for his behaviour.”

Much giggling and laughter ensues, while he’s promising that Nick-without-pants won’t be coming back.. he said”wait unless he’s invited back”  Of course I’m laughing my butt off at this point, so I told him he I liked Nick-with-pants but if he was nice.. maybe Nick-without-pants might be invited back.

It was a really funny night. Not too much later everyone went home for the night, but I stayed out to dance a little longer so one of the boys gave me their flashy devil horns.

😀  That’s my little story, I have so many funny little ones like this .. I though maybe I’d share a couple here and there 😉



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6 08 2010

That seems like a really smooth opener. If I was into picking up chicks, I’d take notes.

Step 1. Do something ridiculous on first contact.
Step 2. Come back and say “That was my twin brother [Name]+[ridiculous act] I’m [Name]-[ridiculous act] and…”
Step 3. Hilarity ensues, conversation has begun.

Seems like a winning conversation to me. That whole pick up artist stuff seems like a ton of fun. Maybe I’ll get to try it one lifetime. 😀

6 08 2010

lol, yeah, if he was running game he was really good at pulling it off.. but either way it was a fun interaction. I don’t mind being gamed as long it’s not obnoxious, or obvious and no one gets hurt 😀 that said I’ve been known to do similar things to get what I want… shh don’t tell

6 08 2010

I loved the story of Nick-without-pants!!!

6 08 2010

yeah over all at the end of the day, it was one of the best stories of the whole trip 🙂

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