Captain Angry or Master of Efficiency?

1 07 2010

So this guy I’m friends with who is subbing for someone else at my school comes up to me and says “take a look at this”.  I had no idea what it is he wants to show me, but I was in a hurry as I was heading out to the airport in the next two minutes.  But I had enough time to indulge for a second.  And he goes OFF about how he was just handing this big stack of tests, to grade and how it’s bullshit.  He doesn’t work here he’s just a sub blah blah blah.  Now don’t get me wrong he does have a point, and if he were subbing for a day or two.. well duh why would he have to deal with that crap.  But if you’re subbing for weeks, nigh on a month..   it’s the job and you agreed to it.  So suck it up princess.  At my school the only things we are asked to do outside of class are mark the tests you didn’t finish marking in class (which I am always almost always able to do in class with no problem whatsoever).  And the weekly comments that take, literally 15 mins.

Sorry, I just have to interject something here.. I’m on the bus to the airport… and this bus driver is playing the GAYEST music of all time.  I mean don’t get me wrong I like the occasional show tune myself but this is totally out of control.. but this stuff he has on now has gone past show tunes into .. Seriously the only adjective that works is gay..  and I don’t even mean homosexual gay.. just GAY… lol. Know what I mean?  Anyway back to my story.

So anywho, he’s pitching a fit about it to me, and normally I would have taken a look at the tests (I actually think he’s not supposed to mark those ones) or sympathized or something.  But he was just being such an ornery prick that my instant response was to tell him he took the subbing job so he should just shut up and do his work, or something like that.. ok it was more polite.  He started to twitch out about how he was gonna tell the boss what’s what and blah blah.. I got annoyed (expedited by my need to get going to the airport) and just walked away.

Some history on this friend, he’s managed to alienate most people, because he has the social skills of grub.  He often says things he finds funny that deeply offend others, and he either is blissfully ignorant to how much he is upsetting those around him or he just doesn’t give a shit.  It’s really hard to say, I think it’s a mix because he sometimes seems genuinely mystified as to why everyone is so upset.

He goes off to talk to the supervisor about how he’s not doing this bullshit.  And I can hear him in the other room being rude and ornery about it, meanwhile I’m being mauled by my grade four class saying bye… (for Christ’s sake I’ll be back on Monday chill you monkeys).  He saunters in looking very pleased with himself and announces, “and that is how it’s done”.  Great good for you, you’re getting payed to take care of this class, but now someone whose job it REALLY isn’t has to mark these tests bc you’re being a dick?  Personally I was really fucking pissed when my sub refused to mark the tests of a class he subbed so my coworker had to do ½ of it and I had to do the rest when I got  back.  WTF.  YOU GOT FUCKING PAID to sit there with your thumb up your ass while they wrote the test, the trade off? You have to grade the tests.  It’s not even like it takes that damn long.

Oh, I get the argument, this isn’t my job, this isn’t my class.  Etc.  But really? REALLY?  Why should another teacher that has their own classes and tests to grade have to do it?  Why the hell should the teacher who got you to substitute for you mark the tests?  It’s not like I’m getting paid anything for it… I wasn’t there during the test, that was what YOU were hired for… to substitute me.

Honestly I don’t really care that much about this situation, and my friend.  To be honest, I’m pretty sure the tests he had in his hand where the Cambridge KET sample tests.  Which no, he doesn’t have to mark.  It’s just the principal of the matter.  So many subs are like, fuck you, I don’t want to mark tests, write comments or pretty much do anything, actually I’d prefer to not teach too, so if you don’t mind I’ll just take a wee fucking nap and leave all the  work for the teacher when they come back.  GRRR  Yes I’ve had this happen with subs and it infuriates me.  I’ve been a sub, I won’t do things that are unreasonable, but marking the homework or the tests of a class I did.. seems like par for the course.

Wait I got a little off topic there. (s’ok I bet you didn’t even realize it )

The thing I mean to be discussing was the asshole approach.  Well it does work, but it can get you fired, I mean an employer will only put up with so much before you’re more trouble than your worth.  I usually manage to keep myself on the other side of that line.  But I will admit I can be an asshole, if I don’t want to do something, or if I think it’s unreasonable expectations I’ll dig my heels in.  I used to be all loud and ornery about it.  But now I just smile and say “no”, or “sure” and then I never do it.  Sometimes I’m a dick at work… sometimes I ‘m a dick and I walk away all proud thinking, that’s right I showed you.  But really, how effective is it?  Sure sometimes it’s what’s needed; it’s the best, most efficient, or only way to get things done.  But sometimes it’s bringing a chainsaw to a knife fight.

Today, he brought a chainsaw, and was well proud of himself that he got his way.

So in the end does it really matter?  I mean as long as you get your way it’s all gravy right?  Well even though I have a tendency to sledge hammer my way around too, I think one should try a honey sammich first.  Crap.. I must be getting old, or perish the thought.  Grown up…




One response

1 07 2010

I really like the imagery of bringing a chainsaw to a knife fight :D!!! I think in Canada and the USA we’re brought up thinking that as long as we make enough noise we will get our way, and that’s how it’s done.

I think in Asia it can be tough because of cultural differences, often you don’t even feel like someone is listening to your complaints and as a result you want to smash them with a sledge hammer, but I think many foreigners apply that law much too liberally and then it gives a bad name to all other foreigners.

But on an alternate note, now that I’m home and I see what cush fucking jobs everyone has and how they piss and moan about absolutely every tiny little thing, I just think it’s BS and want to tell them to shut the fuck up and grow up. I used to think people here would never get away with the BS in Asia but ppl here are such lazy sacks of shit and yet, somehow by the grace of god manage to retain their jobs!!! How’s is that possible???

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