Kitty Kitty Needs a Name

28 06 2010

I’ve put off naming my kitty because I had said I would trade the kitty for the white one, if they couldn’t find her a home.

But I didn’t really want to do that… and due to the issue I was hesitant to name her because I’d be bummed if I had to give her back.

So she’s been called kitty, baby and princess for the past few weeks.   ?sigh but I’m in a pickle.. I have no idea what to name her…  help.

Here’s a list of a few names I’m considering, oppinions?

Nimra(tigeress), Ninja, Sahaba(cloud), Istilqa (sleep), Durra (lovebird), Layla (night), or or or .. taking suggestions.  I want to name her something in Arabic… but I guess anything not English is cool.  as long as I feel the name suits her.  She’s a bit of a skinny kitty, super active and playful but loves a good cuddle.  She’s a talker, and has almost been killed a few times for constantly and obsessively stealing q-tips.  I actually quite like ninja but it sounds kinda masculin…

Here are some pictures  what do you guys think?



14 responses

29 06 2010

I like Istilqa or Nimra. Don’t sound as masculine as Ninja. I don’t have any good suggestions tho. Sorry.

29 06 2010

Why not Princess Layla or the NinJa Queen or the combo Layla-Sahaba or
Istilqa-Baby… I always have lots of ideas

29 06 2010

My one cat is more than a year old now and still doesn’t have a name.

29 06 2010

lol THAT doesn’t help!!! 😀

29 06 2010

OMG my kitty Poe Poe steels Qtips too! I have a TON of toys for him and he wants a friggen Qtip, and when he gets one he looses his shit and flips and runs.. so funny! I like moms idea Miss Queen Layla-Sahaba! WHy not right.

9 07 2010

you have a kitty?

11 07 2010

yes… my good friend Emmy moved to Australia and I took Poe,, I have had him now for 3-4 months.. I LOVE HIM.. he has attitude and a really big tail.

4 07 2010

so what is the cats name

9 07 2010

still just kitty

4 07 2010

Perhaps, Shaiyla. You say it like Shaela. It’s a lovely name I think.


9 07 2010

Hi Kari! *waves

16 07 2010

so-crates is cool

18 07 2010

:•) Hey MagdaLICIOUS!! haha #waves back#

19 07 2010

Nimra or Layla. 🙂 Although, does Nimra sound too close to Nimrod?

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