Too Lazy

12 05 2010

I have three serious posts floating in my haed and somwhat put to wrds.. but I’m not in the mood to work on or finish them right now…

So here.. amuse yourself with this one 😀

A photo montage of my two trips the the states.  The song is Hot and Cold by Kate Perry



6 responses

12 05 2010

Loved the montage and Just the perfect song. Look Like a good time with good friends.
love momma

12 05 2010

Thanks mom

12 05 2010

dude, why is your tongue out in all these pics??? LOL

12 05 2010

Shutty .. hoser.. lol I dunno just cause that’s what I do?

12 05 2010

LOL @ the ending!

13 05 2010

yeah I know right! lol that was the night where I bashed him in the face with his beer and busted his tooth… oops.. but as you can see I wasn’t the only one that was wasted!

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