Sometimes I Ponder…

13 04 2010

OK, pretty much all th time I’m ponering something or other.

But recently I’ve been getting more ‘random’ comments on my  blog and I wonder.  Where do they come from, how are these people coming to my blog, what is it that promotes them to leave a comment?

Most things are good or nice (or junk.. you’re not tricking me with your comments about my blog but the link to protien supplements), and some are kinda nasty but hey life goes on.

What’s funny is how easy it is to say I don’t care blahdeblah but then someone says one little thing and it really gets your back up.  Like all the business with that one girl about my cat.

Side note I think I met her at a party and we got on really well she was going on and on about how much she wanted to be friends and so on but then strangely disappeared… when I looked into it I realized her name is the same as the girl from the ‘cat’ incident.  My best guess was when she looked me up online realized who I was and then changed her mind about being friends.   Commence chuckling now.

Anyway, on the last post.. which in case anyone missed it was NOT about fat people or ugly people, someone who I do not know left a comment on my blog.  At first I thought ‘cool a comment from another random person’, then I read it again.  Hold on no smiley faces or anything to indicate a tone, short choppy sentences which usually express anger or irritation, hmmmm several people seemed somewhat offended by this post (I’m rolling my eyes at you).  Hold on a Second is this a snotty sarcastic comment???   So do I delete it? Approve it?  Get offended?  Take it badly?  Take it well?  I don’t know this person or their writing style, maybe they hate all those silly smiley faces.  So now it’s all up to me.  I decided that even though it did seem quite sarcasrtic that it’s entirely possible that it wasn’t so it wasn’t!  Besides, (and yes I know my logic is flawed but it’s mine and I like it) my theory is it’s all this extra work to leave a comment, must click here, name writing, email web pages bah.. too much effort to be a big ole negative Nancy on someone else’s page.

Hooray!  My Blog I get to pick!  (unless of course she comes back and clarifies one way or the other, she did say she would be back :))

So here’s assuming she does come back, and she was being genuine.. yay cool thanks!  But hold on, what if she comes back and says hey you dumb bitch I was being sarcastic you’re an offensive shit head blah blah blah.  Now I would say I probably wouldn’t care, but we all know in those situations you tend to get your back up.  Crankiness and argument ensue  (see cat lady issue) then out come the ‘well you should make your blog private’ and’ this is what happens when you’re online’ comments come out.  Which have merrit, and then everyone sulks somewhere not wanting to play.

I commented a while back on where have all the bloggers gone?  Well my sister’s blog has gone off to some top secrete anonymous location because of people getting on her case for her thoughts and such.  One friend claims to be too busy, but in reality in private she told me she was tired of all the back lash from people about what she was writing, another has her completely on lock down and the only way you can read it is if you know the secret handshake.. the list goes on.  I think it’s kind of sad that they feel like they can’t just write what they want on their own blogs.

You know, I swear there was a point in all of this somewhere.. hmm but I got interrupted in the middle.. and now I’m not sure exactly where I was going.

I guess I just find it interesting how most people are cool with being open as long as they don’t get slapped in the face for it.   I’m open about most things and as  I said in the I don’t care post I try to be a good person.   I (like everyone) have opinions and thoughts, and I’m not shoving them under the couch for anyone 🙂 and neither should you.

What bothers me the most about all of my friends’ and family’s negative blogging experinces is when people go to their blog.. read it and then get in a huff.  It’s not a conversation.. I’m not speaking in a room and you can’t tune me out.  It’s a blog for Christ’s sake.. if you don’t like what you’re reading then … wait for it…. stop fucking reading it.  I come across blogs articles etc all the time and if I don’t like it, or it pisses me off I just leave and look at something else.   ‘shakes head’ Sometimes I just don’t get where people are coming from.

One last thought.. I think it must all come back around to how everyone personalized everything.  We all immediately assume that someone is somehow talking about us or ours.  Really.. all I can say on that is stop it.. it’s annoying.



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13 04 2010

Sigh… I keep saying I wish I was as good as you at the whole “I don’t care” thing but when someone leaves some ignorant shit comment on my blog it really does bother me…. I know it shouldn’t but it gets stuck in my head 😀 Most of the time I just don’t bother writing anymore because I find myself writing, then deleting because I have to censor what I say, so then what’s the fricking point, right?

13 04 2010

Well I have to admit that I’m not as good at it as I want to be… but I try really hard to not let stuff get to me. But often when there is a hiatus of my writing the reason can be derived for someone online pissing me off.

Yeah I get why it bugs you dude… it’s nigh on impossible to really be unphazed by stuff. Unless you’re Buddha, Jesus or someone else totally unflappable that is.

You know why don’t you go the password road? You can set one specific (easy to remember) password and then just lock everything and give the password to those of us who don’t suck 😀 I think that’s better than not writing at all, but I like the blogging, I like writing it and getting shiz out and I really like that my friends read it. More often than not you guys tell me that you agree, understand etc and it’s fantastico!

Miss you in the bloggosphere .. kiss kiss

13 04 2010

Good idea…. I will give that a try 😀

13 04 2010

Password suggestion….!! Magda is awesome

13 04 2010

Yep, I moved my blog to private land. And life has been fantastic ever since. It turned out that it was comments from MY people that bothered me. In bloggyland, if someone leaves me a negative comment, or disagrees with me, I truly do NOT care. I don’t know them. They don’t affect me. It’s not like I’m worried they will break up with me. In real life you always have the concern that all future relations will be tainted with this negative moment (and they are, don’t kid yourself). With strangers I have no relationship, so that is gone, and thus the pressure is gone.

14 04 2010

Hu yeah I’m oddly more pissy about strangers … different strokes for different folks 😀

13 04 2010

this blog sucks (insert cheesy smile here)

14 04 2010

Shut up you ass hat 😀

19 04 2010

Yes. I agree about everyone just taking things too personally on the internet. I was on a website the other day and a friend told me they didn’t want to get to close to me because I knew certain people that hated her. I sort of wanted to say. Does it matter who I know, or does it matter who I am?

But well. I liked her better than the people who hated her so to get closer I removed those people from my friends.

I mean. It’s whole lot of bull, I try not to go by he said, she said. But sometimes things get you stuck in sticky spots.

I also don’t tolerate people becoming rude on there when they ask you to come see their shows and you politly reply that you are busy watching something else and they snap at you. People like that I try to reason with for 5 minutes. And after that I tell them “Sorry I don’t have time for your immature attitude on life.”

But I do understand that after a long while of putting up that hard egg shell you sometimes crack and break down screaming. Alas there is beauty in the break down.

All I can say. Is whenever you hear, read or think of a negative comment from anywhere. Knock out that negativity with K.O. of a good one you can remember. And if you can’t think of one someone said to you recently. Think of something nice you’ve said to someone. And well that shows how much of a kind person you are right there.

If that fails….perhaps you need to say some more kind words.

~Kari ♥

20 04 2010

I think it just goes to illustrate the point that some have made about the internet, while having connected us, have pushed us apart. People make more and more superficial connections and for many that makes them treat their closer connections differently, even coldly at times.

I’ve had it up to hear with people telling me, my mom/ boss/ family / random people who don’t really know me and I don’t want them to get the wrong impression about me/ mortal enemies etc are on my/your facebook / blog / youtube so you had better watch what you say as I might decide it reflects on me in some way. Even if I did say/do that and thought it was funny… now it’s all big drama. PFFFT

Thanks for you comment I agree with you, you’re nicer than me if I was faced with the same situation I would just said tough noogies have a nice life. 😀 But when cornered I tend to get ornery.

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