A Fat Girl and an Ugly Girl Walk into a Bar…

22 03 2010

Go on take this personally!! I fucking dare you 😀

So while I was biking today I had a bit of an obnoxious thought  that was rather pithy very relevant. It was a little dialog in my head between a fat girl and an ugly girl.
You know the one.. we’ve all said it at some point or at least the key sentence of it.  To ourselves or to  a friend to make them feel better.

Fat Girl:  Woah, you’re so ugly!

Ugly Girl: Dude, really? Heffer McHerrson is commenting on my looks?

Fat Girl: Hey I may be fat, but at least I”m not ugly.  I can always lose weight, what are you going to do? Plastic surgury? Ha ha.

(this is usually where the thought pattern, conversation, comments end)  but wait there is more!!

Ugly Girl: Right smart ass, then why don’t you?

…….   what?  WHAT?

That’s right, Ugly girl wins.  So why don’t you?

The ‘ugly’ chick, has bad skin and is generally  not symmetrical not particularly visually pleasing.  But as we’ve all seen a lot can be done with makeup and nice clothes.  You can’t hide fat behind makeup, nor nice clothes.  And really where do you place importance on attractiveness?  Because most people put it pretty heavily on being fit and healthy looking.  And if you’re not fit and trim, doesn’t that make you ugly in your own eyes?  Aren’t your eye the most important ones?

Do you get it now? Do you see the point?  And this applies to all aspects of your life.  What ever you’re having problems with about yourself, sit back and think about it.  Are you being a fat girl about it?  Pissing and moaning about being overweight, but then mentally picking on the ‘ugly girls’ of the world to make your self feel better? I can always do XYZ, one day.” While munching on a sugar glazed doughnut, and drinking a liter of coke.

So why don’t you?  WHY DON’T YOU!!! When is one day?  I don’t see it on any the calender…. me thinks it is a myth.

Seriously put the cookie down, get up and change.. or shut the fuck up.



15 responses

24 03 2010

What no comments? Buncha pansies. 😀

26 03 2010

I only just read it… I haven’t been home much. I mean it’s a harsh post, but I agree with it (although perhaps a little less harshly :D). It’s the main reason why I came home. Because there were things I wanted to do, and they weren’t going to be feasible in Taiwan, and after being horribly dumped, there wasn’t much left other than “what I wanted” 🙂

26 03 2010

Dude.. how is it a harsh post???

I”m not talking about anyone being ugly or fat.. I’m just commenting on something that is always said (by virtually everyone) and people lean in the crutch of excuses of what they ‘could’ do if they really ‘wanted’ to or ‘needed’ to.

Dude if people are offended by this post I’m pissed 😀

10 04 2010

HA! So I went for drinks with the girls after work last night and!! AND they thought this post was EPIC. nah .. take that

12 04 2010
Hayley G

it’s true, your post is epic.
I think it’s even going to change my life. No shit.
Thanks for the window to reality. My shutters have been closed for awhile.

Just found your blog – I’ll be back for sure.

13 04 2010

Hmm… I’m going to go on a limb and assume this comment was genuine. 😀
So thanks!

IT’s funny when you don’t know someone, and even when you do it’s hard to say what their tone might be. But like I said I’m going to err on the side of the positive as it’s a lot of effort to make to leave a snarky comment (even though it does read a smidgen snarky carpy pants)

13 04 2010

Huh – definitely detecting sarcastic undertones 😀 See that’s why I don’t bother blogging anymore…. something like that would have pissed me right off.

13 04 2010

😀 no no it’s sunny and positive I insist!

13 04 2010

LOL… Hey, I’m Miss Molly Sunshine Silver Lining Lady, and even I see sarcasm in it.

14 04 2010

SHHHH 😀 my bubble is shiny leave it be! 😉

18 04 2010

I just thought this post was a little harsh, because as the person that everyone sees as “thin” (even though I’m only thin because I exercise all the time), there is no way I could ever say “put down the cookie fat fucker and go exercise” because I would either get told to “fuck off stick insect”, or the chubby person I was talking to would have a melt down and become horribly depressed.

18 04 2010

I guess… but you didn’t say it…
I did 😀 and I’m not huge by any stretch but I am definitely not thin… and I was still talking to myself.

19 04 2010

BTW.. I put the cookie down… 😀 http://wp.me/psVSu-iE

19 04 2010

I feel bad was eating cheesecake filling as I read this…..Does that make me fat? lol. Just messing around. but was. Nah. I am chubby. As a guy on a greyhound bus said to me ” You’re not fat, you’re just chubby.” so well I stick with calling myself chubby now!

I really think looks are nothing, just like age. Looks and age. Most of what society is based on, sadly. But I know 60 year olds who haven’t learned from their experiences of their 60 years of life. And I know some of the most gorgeous women and men, who are shallow as low tide. And I know 60 year olds who have learned from their experiences and are some of the most wisdom filled people to know. And I know gorgeous people who are some of the nicest you’ll ever meet.

Point is. What those children books say are true. “Within” that is what truly matters. and if you enjoy being over weight! good for you. As for me I want to live a long life and see my (future) grand-children graduate from high school. So excersie for me….but don’t get me wrong. it’s hard work. Those chocolate bars, and cheesecake filling in a plastic bowl calling my name. Hard to resist them.

But I get your point. Stop whining about being this or that, if you are not willing to change. Very nice point. Enjoyed it tons. Maybe I’ll get that garden done after all.

Blessed be.

~Kari ♥

20 04 2010

LOL.. nah I wouldn’t feel bad about it.. I had me a nice piece of cheesecake yesterday 😀

I mean it’s all relative right? I live in Asia right now… and no matter what I do I’m considered a heifer (although honestly I’ve packed on quite a few pounds recently… hence I’m putting down the cookie and as you can see by the link to my work out blog I just completed 30 days of Activity and I’m planning on starting another 30 Tomorrow) but that said even when I feel big Big BIG, when I go home everyone tells me how great I look (shrug) so a lot of it must come down to perspective.

I think the trick is to balance things out, have some treats but try to generally lead a healthy life style. That doesn’t mean not having and num nums, but keeping fit is a definite way to make it to your eighties and still be trucking about!

Honestly one of my main goals is to never become one of those old people who can’t really move around. I try to remember and appreciate the fact that I can run and walk easily ….

THANK YOU!!! I can’t believe how many people totally missed the point!!! (most of them didn’t comment on here they said things elsewhere) Thanks for all your awesome comments. Totally makes up for the clearly crankypants comment up there that I’m still choosing to ignore and take it as positive one .. neener.

Good luck on the gardening 🙂

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