Where have all the bloggers gone??

7 03 2010

I use google reader.  And there is nothing it read, even the pro bloggers have been slacking lately.  I know that I sure have been slacking.  So what ‘s my excuse?  Lack of inspiration, nothing to say?  Yeah.. right… have you met me?

Chatty Cathy here always has something to say… so what’s the deal.. It’s not like I’ve been hella busy, or even kinda busy for goodness sakes.  But I have been sick.. I hate being sick.  I’m a freaking Whiny ass biotch when I’m sick and I all I want to do is bitch moan and sniffle about how my nose hurts.. I’m sicky poo poo, I’m getting fat because I can’t go do anything for fear of making the sickies worse… blah blah world’s smallest violin playing just for me.

So what have I been up to since Chinese new year.  Not writing about the trip.. or anything that’s for damn sure.  I used to pull out the laptop and typy typy in bed till I got sleepy and then toss it on the floor, lights out.  I used to write in my happy thoughts Journal every night… I haven’t done it in weeks…  oh it’s on the nights stand by the bed but I’m sick whiny and can think of nothing positive…. no you know what that isn’t even it.  I just don’t care.  I’m sick, lethargic and pissed about it.  I just want to feel better.  I was starting to feel good went for a lovely bike ride and promptly got sick again.. fuck you world!

On a less bitchy note.  I went to games today and not only where Sandy and Tarra there but, Wayne who comes up all the way from TaiJung to play was there too plus this guy I ran into at a restaurant and invited to come play actually showed up too.  So we ended up having a nice little 5-4 some (Sandy leaves early).  Got a good game of Blue moon city and Puerto Rico in… W00T.  And now I look wistfully at my games on the shelf.

In other news, my new roommate is very nice.  Seems like a pretty good, cool guy even though we don’t hang out much (diff work schedules, and I’m a recluse in my room).

Total side note… I hate it when my built-in browser spell checker fails to catch things and lets me publish my blog with my jacked up spellings of words… stupid computers.

Ok I’m done.  Sorry I have been epic fail on the blogging front… I promise to try harder…  I have no idea who the heck reads all this bs I write but there seem to be people actually doing it… 😀 that tickles me.  I honestly assume it’s just mom, sis and a couple of friends from back in the day  (it was a Tuesday, the day that is.. did you know that?) most of the time.

Ok bed time.  No more sickies… I demand it.



8 responses

7 03 2010

awww feel better…I read your stuff even if it is just random thoughts. In fact every morning I check my email, FB and your blog.

sorry about my blog too, I started telling stuff but got busy and left it. I need to get back into it too.


8 03 2010

Yeah that seems to be how it goes… I have been through so many fits and starts and stops.. that it’s not surprising to have a little hiatus now and again… I guess it’s just that I’ve been so consistent for so long that it;s now notable when i stop.

8 03 2010

I got kinda bored wih blogging… once in a while I’ll have some thoughts that I THINK about writing down, but i never seem to get around to it. Busy getting other things done, I guess.

8 03 2010

Well that and stupid people were sticking their noses where they aren’t welcome… plus you’ve been stresses i suck at blogging when I’m stressed

8 03 2010

You feeling better? I am still reading… it’s even more relevant now that I don’t talk to you every day :D. I’m glad you had a good time with Tara and Sandy!

8 03 2010

Nah I’m still sick.. and unbelievably sick of it.. 😛 yeah I was thinking the same thing about yours.. not that you;re writing it 😛

Yeah it was a really good sunday of Games

8 03 2010

LOVING the board game pics!!!!

8 03 2010

yeah me too.. I was stupid and didn’t actually take any…. so I Bogarted these off the net.. bad Magda.. bad girl

But I just got my camera a lens… and hmm board games do have all those pretty colours in them… I bet they would make good photography models for me!!!

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