Stepping Out of the Zone

29 01 2010

Stepping outside of the box, the zone of comfort, is very challenging for a lot of people.  I am most definitely one of them.  It may not seem like it but really I’m a sissy pants, I like my routines, I like hanging out with the people I know, going to the places I’m used to.  I like everything fuzzy and it’s right place :).

Go out stay in, I choose the easy comfy decision.  But when I don’t, something good or at least interesting happens.  For example, last week I had dinner with a friend (totally normal) went home and realized that I was supposed to meet a friend at a pub at 9… sigh it was cold, a little late and I had to work in the morning.  I so very much wanted to bail, and anyone else and I  would have but he was leaving and I hadn’t got to see him yet.  So I sucked it up and went, and had a great time talking to my friend and a couple of other people there.  Met some new people and had some fun and engaging conversation :).

This past weekend, I jumped out of the zone feet first.   And some ridiculous-ness  ensued as any of you who are on my Facebook have seen snippets of in my status updates.  I ended up taking the train out to Zhong Li to have dinner, drinks and bowling with some people.   I hate the train… generally speaking I avoid all forms of public transit, for a multitude of reasons.  But worst of all, I never  (have to) take the train so the whole experience ends up being really stressful.  Trying to find the right platform, train etc…. is it going the right way?  Was that your stop?  Crap is this the right train.  I end up feeling all lost and unsure, which I hate.

So why the heck did I go?  Couldn’t find anything to do in Taipei?  Nah I actually had a couple of people ask me to do things, but I was invited out to Zhong Li by a friend who I thought was cute.. lol cute wins every time.  The train stressed me out, but me I need to relax about these kinds of things anyway.  Got to Zhong Li and was just so happy to be off the train I didn’t even mind the rain.  Turns out Scott has a couple of friends staying with him that just moved to Taiwan, who btw are super nice and cool.  I spent most of the night chatting with them, yay.

After dinner we all went out bowling and drinking, sigh there was some horrible drinking game with the bowling and I of course was losing.. lol.  I suck at bowling but I definitely get better as the booze flows.   After Bowling we went to a bar, pet a puppy on the way.. drink drink drink… well suddenly I noticed the time and was like…. um.. how are we getting back to Taipei?  Scott then informs me it’s cool we can all stay at his place, this get his the sidyways eyes… um your apartment is also in Taipei so this helps us how?  Turns out he has two places, one in Taipei and one in Zhong Li.   More drinking ensues…

We ended up copping a squat on the floor of the bar and playing spin the bottle.  Side note this was my first game of spin the bottle ever, and I was so excited!!  It was probably the tamest game of spin the bottle ever played (thank christ or I prolly would have chickened out!!)  I’m assuming it was so tame because we made the boys do what ever it was that we did… and they were just not up for tonguing each other lol.

We all ended up going to Scott’s to sleep, I was going to crash on the couch but the guy on the air mattress (who was from Belize, yet another reason to not like that place) suggested I crash on it to as there was lots of room.  I had been hanging out with American guys all night and I just wasn’t in Latin American Dude safety mode.   Totally my bad there, sigh I flopped on the air mattress  and nigh on passed out, but as soon as Trent went to bed and turned on the lights… the battle began.  Buddy, started slow put his arm over me.. slowly moving to around on my stomach.  Normally I would have just said… um wtf you doing .. don’t touch me.  But I was super tired and drunk and an arm on my stomach wasn’t that big of a deal,  besides it was a little cold.  Well everytime I didn’t resist aka i was passed out or asleep dude went for the gold under the clothes.  I moved his hand away like 34 times…. finally I was so pissed off I elbowed his hard and told him to leave me alone.  Down I go and I just wake up to him pawing me again.. now I can’t even go back to sleep … I’m all stressed and annoyed.  Pushed him and his wandering arm away again… rolled away from him.  Fucking arm came back and started to rub my hip and butt… that was enough I got up took my stuff and left!  Off to catch a nice and early train back to Taipei if I couldn’t sleep, might as well not sleep at my own house :P.

THEN When I was on the Train I was telling Tracey about the silliness of the night before and some dude freaked out at me… grr..long story short I went fully postal… 😛 he backed down when he saw the crazy in my eyes.  Finally got home chatted with Tracey for a while, then played some games with Casey then I called some other friends.

I actually called a few people, it’s always luck of the draw who I actually catch on the phone.  First I got gabs on the phone in Hong Kong (it’s hella cheap calling Hong Kong on skype 😉 ) told her of my follies and then she told me about the police busting her school and her getting this terrible scary letter that said if she was caught at a school that didn’t have their ducks (or permits) in a row then should would have to pay a $38000 cad plus face two years in jail… JESUS.. and all because her work didn’t have their permits correct.  How the hell is an employee meant to know that? All you can do is ask and you boss will just tell you don’t worry it’s all taken care of.  Anyway had a great chat and catch up…

Then I called Becky and she was actually around, we had a GREAT talk.. lots of yay yay totally’s going on.  I miss a lot of my friends, they are all so awesome 🙂 Anyway after a couple of hours gabbing away with the girls then I went to play some games with my friend Tarra.  Suddenly, although not surprisingly, I crashed and burned around 7.. barely made it home and passed out fully dressed on my bed fingers on my laptop trying to type… woke up at 1030 and though, well screw it I’ll just go to bed for keeps.. slept till 9 the next day!

In the end I had all kinds of fun stories  and interesting memories under my belt.  tralalala



4 responses

29 01 2010

aww it was so nice to hear from you!!! love our 2 hour random chats!!

30 01 2010

😀 me too!!

30 01 2010

The secret to not being pawed is to move, lol.

30 01 2010

(big stupid head… grumble)

I know that 😛 but I was kinda trashed and hoped he would just I dunno go away or get the hint… eventually I moved.. back to Taipei 😉

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