You are Some Kind of Wonderful

22 01 2010

… That was the text message I recieved this morning.

That made my day, my week even.

IT was such a simple little thing, A friend was leaving and I was teaching his class.  I knew his flight left at 11 so at 1030 I though I call say “bye good luck etc”, then I though hey since I’m with the kids I’ll have them say bye to him too.  Well talk about reaching out and touching someone!  He was really happy about it, and then sent me that text.  🙂

It’s surprising the things that end up meaning a lot to someone.  The best part was how happy it made him makes me wanna go nuts with the nice nice for people.  Actually, My friend Mel is also leaving and one of her co-workers made  a little video for her saying bye and I am thinking about doing the same thing for my friend who just left as I’m teaching his class.  Not sure if I’ll get to it but it seems like a nice thing.

I’m plotting nice things… hopefully I’ll follow through on them.



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23 01 2010

RAKs are my FAVOURITE (Randon Act of Kindness). My last one was paying for the order behind me at Tim Horton’s.

23 01 2010

Mine are often not all that random… just AK’s I guess

23 01 2010
Eric Martin

You know what else is nice? Receiving a Christmas card yesterday from a good friend in Taiwan. It made my day. Thanks.
Lotsa love,

23 01 2010

Wow.. really Canada post is failing.. I sent that ages ago 🙂 Glad you got it thought!! yay! hugs loves and miss you!

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