Live Like an Immortal

14 01 2010

Our time here is limited, but what if it wasn’t?

Chew on that for a second, swirl it around, give it a sniff.  (whatever sense it is that tickles your fancy)


Ok, we have a limited amount of time in this world, we’re born, we live we die.  This is non negotiable.  And it’s our biggest downfall.  Many people feel and believe that having a limited amount of time will drive us to do more, to live life to it’s fullest.  Yeah I’m calling bullshit.  Exactly how many people can you think of that even live life a little bit?  Beyond work and trying to pay the bills?  When was the last time you  just dropped everything and learned something new and exciting, damn the costs and consequences?

Probably some time when you were a kid.  Right?  Most people think I live life a little on the wild and free side, well lemmi tell yeah here and now, I don’t.  I’m almost as much of a slave to the man as everyone else, I just work shorter hours pay less tax and have a much lower cost of living.  Thus I can afford to play about a little more.  But I’m a still worried about paying my bills, making ends meet, being a responsible functioning member of society.

What about people who have a near death experience?  They get all kinds of wild and delicious.  Yes, they do for a minute or two, but they usually settle back into the pattern.  Even if they don’t, we all know we have an expiry date, but no one knows when it is.  That air of mystery doesn’t drive us forward because we’re here for long enough to get wrapped up in the ‘shoulds’.

So what if you were immortal?  No time limit that can be easily discerned?   Perhaps when the sun went supernova… but that’s far enough away to be eternal enough for the purposes of this discussion. Now what?  Everyone around you will die within 100-150 years, and you won’t.  You won’t age, get sick or die.  What do you do?

Even if you lived your life to this point thinking you were mortal, and suddenly you no longer were.  You’d most likely keep plodding along as you were… but those around you would start to age.  You would need to move on to a new place with new people in order to prevent being found out (lets work with the assumption that people would either freak if they knew you were immortal or try to take advantage of you so you’re just trying to blend and lead a somewhat normal life, you’re not a god, you’re just immortal).    So what would you do?  Would you stagnate, watch TV and do nothing for the next 5000 years?

I highly doubt it.  If you had lived for millennium or two you would have watched everything, and you would get bored.  BORED!  The only thing left would be to either sleep forever or live.  Learn.  You would  read virtually every book ever written, write a few of your own,  learn every language and culture you could.  You’d probably just start dropping yourself into crazy situations just for the experience.  You would do things ‘we’ (the sheople) would consider wild, rash, impulsive or even stupid.  But you would LIVE.  Like Really really live.  You would live life in ways most people aren’t even able to dream of.

Sure it’s a fine theory, but what evidence do you have to back it up?  There are no immortals, so this little theory of yours is just silly speculation.

Is it?  Don’t I? Let me introduce you to our immortals.  Children.  Yes it is true that children can and do die.  BUT they don’t know it.  The youthful don’t understand death, they not only don’t fear it they don’t even think about death or consider it.  Everyone talks about how young people are rash impulsive and have a death wish, mostly about how they have some kind of immortality complex.  You hear it all the time, “those teens, those kids… they think they’ll live forever.  When are they going to grow up and see the world for what it really is?”

I distinctly remember losing my immortality complex.  Everyone else sees it as a good thing, growing up.  I see it as a serious loss.  I clearly remember having no fear, rollerblading and trying to jump cars, parking spaces, and other things that seems pure madness to me now.  As a kid life was all kinds of pretty, trees to climb, games to play.. not a care or worry in the world.  I was afraid of nothing, if I fell down I cried and then got back up.  I had stuff, I didn’t have stuff, whatever.  I made friends who spoke other languages, I had conversations with anyone and everyone.  I pet and played with any random animal I came across.

Think about it, if you had nothing to fear.  You couldn’t die, you couldn’t get sick , you didn’t need to eat or sleep… if you had nothing and you would still be healthy and be able to do anything you wanted.

What would you do?

And why aren’t you doing it now?

To quote my favourite No Fear T-shirt:  ” He who dies with the most stuff, still dies”

Live it up.



7 responses

17 01 2010

WTF I am going to DIE??? OHHH NOOO I did not sign up for this…. nobody told me… that it I want to talk to the BOSS NOW..

17 01 2010


22 01 2010
peg vince

I remmber you like that too….. scaredthe hell out of me. You where utterly fearless, but when did you get over it, last week when i was not looking…
love mom

22 01 2010

oh ha ha 😛

26 01 2010

Yeah, this whole work week to have a weekend life is killing me. I think that quitting my job, moving to Honduras and doing my divemaster internship with NO MONEY was the last CRAZY thing I did. Time for something new. Kite surfing?

26 01 2010

oooh sounds fun!!

18 02 2012

You’ve given me allot to think about!

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