Lie to me, Biatch!

15 11 2009

So there is this show that started last year that I’m super into.  Called, you guessed it, Lie to me.   It’s all based on the science of this guy called Dr. Paul Ekman, it’s one of the coolest shows I’ve ever seen if for no other reason that the whole thing is based on real stuff. lietome It’s all about micro expressions, and how you can tell people are lying.  They have all kinds of real life references, pictures etc of famous people that have been later been proven to be lying. (like that OJ kid)

Well every since I saw the show ‘Lie to me’ I have been really interested in the whole topic and with a little research I discovered that not only was it all based on real stuff the main character is (loosely) based on a real guy, who is an actual consultant on the show.  Not only does he consult on the show but Ekman does some vlogs to break down the science behind some of the stuff touched on in ‘Lie to me’.  I, unfortunately not living in the USA, can’t watch the videos but the fact that it’s done is interesting in itself.

I did a little exploring on Ekman’s site, and discovered that he has a training that he offers (well actually there are a couple of different trainings).  It’s mostly for cops, immigration officers etc, who need it for work.  But honestly, it’s super interesting to me so I thought I would try it.  Unfortunately, I suck and put things off all the time, which is retarded as I actually wanted to do it.  So I still haven’t done it… Well BOOOYAH

Chuckles here, paid for the training course, FINALLY.  I actually started the training tonight, but I’ve been sick all weekend and I have a killer headache.  So I’m actually going to go to bed and pick things up again tomorrow.

But!!  I did the pre test already, and got 71% (yay me!).  In order to get the certificate you need to get 80%, but that’s after the training videos and the practice sessions.  And I have already been doing better on the practice session, after the training videos.  I know I’m not up for the test tonight, so I’m going to finish the training in the morning, and then take the final test.  Tralalala.

Plus honestly it’s not very expensive, $70, for something that I’m super interested in, I think it’s totally worth it.  I’ll let you know how it goes, plus now I totally want to interview people and video so I can watch it in slow motion and check stuff… like give them scripts and check their true feelings. 😀

Quick last min note, did you know when a smile doesn’t include the crinkling of the eyes that usually means that the smile is in-genuine.  Take a look at most of your pictures, we all put on nice pretty smiles but it doesn’t reach their eyes.  Most of us ix-nay the pictures with the crinkly eyes because we think it makes us looks old, but those are real and genuine expressions!  So embrace the crinkles I say!



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18 11 2009

That is really interesting. For $70, I think it’s a worthwile investment. As a parent, I could totally use something like this 😀

5 01 2010

Sorry for the late replies! Yeah dude it’s cool, I keep starting the training but haven’t finished it.. but it’s super SUPER cool, I see little signs here and there and everywhere…. Part of the reason I haven’t finished yet is because I like to do a little at time over longer periods of time to make it more natural and permanent in my memory!

19 11 2009
Brian David Phillips

Cool. I really like both LIE TO ME and THE MENTALIST as both are based upon actual skillsets (albeit exaggerated for dramatic effect). I teach a unit on lying and lie detection at the university (including the bit about the crinkles around the eyes). 🙂

5 01 2010

Cool! Yeah sometimes I think about adding that to my Uni course, might make a really interesting conversation topic. Yeah the realism (although exaggerated:P) is a huge part of the appeal for me.

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