Don’t wanna be a Grumpy Gus

9 11 2009

So I haven’t written much lately, but I’ve been grumpy stressed and sick… and generally speaking when I look back on things I like to pretend that all the bad stuff didn’t happen.  yay.  But the reality is everything isn’t sunshine and roses. Well it is.. but stuff gets to me from time to time.

Last week I was feeling down, I was mildly concerned about my mom.  But to be honest I wasn’t all that worried, I mean there wasn’t much I could do until after the surgery.  The obnoxious comment my boss made REALLY upset me, I’m extremely tired of being lonely and single.   I was bummed that Tracey was away and I couldn’t talk with her, and my other best friends is still unable or unwilling to talk to me.  And to top it off his (ex)wife is in town visiting so now I’m not allowed call him… (yeah I know… wtf… so years of close friendship doesn’t trump ex-wife???? really???).

Put that on all on top of an ” I was sick” which makes me a BIG FAT SISSY PANTS about absolutely everything.   Which turns normal ‘I’m kinda grumpy about xyz’ into flipping out about everything.

Me and AlisaAnywho, I don’t actually want to be a grumpy gus , so this is me being sunny and positive :P.  Well not really but hey.  I did manage to get my sickies to go away enough to be able to run this weekend (twice even) and I went for a bike ride yesterday too.   I am supposed to be training for a 1/2 marathon in eep two weeks.   I’m taking today off but I’ll be running most days….

I went out for Halloween with my new friend Alisa, who I met at the Oktoberfest we all went to a couple of weeks ago (I put pictures up on Facebook).  I did sort of have to do the bounce between two groups thing as Mel came to the same party but she was in the techno room and Alisa was in the hip hop room.  Why am I the only person I know who is cool with both kinds of music?  Sigh.

I met Melissa’s new roomates who are really sweet 🙂 and I hung out with Jodie while she was cleaning her new apartment.

Ok.. I’m just super bored writing now..  and I think it’s translating into the writing.  So I’m done now… 😛



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10 11 2009

So glad you are feeling better. I am doing great and being a good mommy doing what the doctor wants me to do .

10 11 2009

Glad you’re feeling better. Now you’ve got a feeling for how it was when you were gone over the summer for 6 weeks. Be glad I’ll be home soon 😀

10 11 2009
greg cryns


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11 11 2009

Gee Greg, not to be cynical…. but I hardly think WordPress is going to be deleting my blog anytime soon. No offense hun but you are obviously doing a little sales pitch here. And well done, but I actually back my blog up regularly, and I have a blog elsewhere that I host my self. So not only do I know all about hosting a blog on my own, how to do it and how much it cost but I also know that there is no way in any universe, even if you barely knew how turn a computer on, that anyone should be paying $500 (as all domain parking sites, and hosting sites have tech support that will hold your hand through it all) for the service you are offering. Maybe… maaaaaybe if you were a computer illiterate fool $100 but really even then. I could do it all my self for less than $50 and it would take me about 3-5 hours.

But thanks for your spam tastic comment 😀 sorry I disabled your links but I don’t play like that.

That said if anyone doesn’t understand why this is a scam.. email me and I’ll explain it to you… still disagree with me, no worries I’ll give you the email web page and contact info 😉

12 11 2009

Number one – this is me, sending you big hugs across the way. Yay for choosing the happies over the grumpies. Number two – nice random “comment” from Greg. I know shit-all about hosting a website, or ANY computer-related technical stuff for that matter, but you wouldn’t see me forking out $500 for someone to back up my blog. Are there people out there that actually fall for this crap? I’m tempted to call his number, just to see if he is able to answer the phone with his head being so far up his hiney 😀

30 12 2009
greg cryns

Actually, I am sufficiently mortified. I did not see any other way to contact you on your blog.


30 12 2009

<– hey everyone look it's Greg again!!! Mortified? What about pumpkin? you didn't look very hard then did you. Strange, if this is a real person then why pray tell did I have to approve the comment again? Besides I explained in my original reply why you're services where not needed here. But again I thank you for your attention and 'help'.

30 12 2009
greg cryns

“Strange, if this is a real person then why pray tell did I have to approve the comment again?”

I subscribed to comments. That is why I came back. Or maybe you were forever etched in my memory? It’s possible.

I think we’ve entered the Twilight Zone where no one cares.

30 12 2009
greg cryns

I meant to say “sufficiently chastized” but it didn’t come out.

Either way, I was lying.

30 12 2009

lol if you subscribed to the comments, it sure took you a long time to come back.

Either way, I wasn’t upset about your post and I’m sure for some people it’s a useful service. I get that you’re trying to help people and everyone is trying to make a back. You get points for being creative and coming up with a plan. MY point was you’re over charging, and I don’t need your services nor does anyone I know, if they did I would happily do it for them for a fraction of what you’re asking. 🙂

Of course they are my friends and ‘people’, for strangers I’m sure I would charge more, but regardless I still feel you’re kind of fleecing people, playing on their technical lack of knowledge and everyone’s fear of ‘big brother’ in some form. The service you’re providing seems interesting and good, I just think you’re going about it the wrong way and trying to take advantage, thus what I consider to be shady business practices.

That’s the point though, I do care, hence I posted your comment in the first place and replied, it might have been a little bitchy, but meh.. what can you do? I’m a little bitchy sometimes and it bothers me when I see others using what I consider to be trickery. It’s a fine line between honest clever sales and trickery, in my opinion you crossed it, that’s all.

31 12 2009


Please read my personal blog linked above. You will learn more about me if you care to.

As a businessman I am very unPC. Maybe as a human being too? Perhaps. I don’t have time to play the social networking game any more. It’s a big time suck. So I broadcast a sales message, knowing I will get some flak. But I think this method is different from a spam email. It is more effective, maybe?

Yes, some think I am overcharging. That is OK. I am not interested in their business. I am targeting those who have more money than time. See what I mean? Along the way I meet nice people like yourself. I always enjoy a unique blog experience.

Thatnk you for your response. I enjoy chatting with people who are not trained monkeys. I suspect your subscribers are independent thinkers as well.


5 01 2010

Fair enough, I did assume that it was a total spam advertisement without a real person on the end of it. So I do apologize if I was overly cutting or rude :), you have sufficiently humanized yourself.

Yes the social networking can waste time (unless you’re doing it for pleasure and fun, I guess then too but it’s a happy waste then). If you up for some suggestions, I would say personalize it a little more, make it a little more clear you’re a real dude (perhaps a link to your personal blog if you feel comfortable with that). Spam email is just ignored, as are most spam comments, hey you did something right, you did manage to get me to read and approve (although edited) your comment. You’d have to tell me how effective it is from your end as a businessman.

Fair enough, I’m sure for many people it’s the perfect price to get what they need done. I’ve done a bit a market and research my self and all the stuff says price higher rather than lower.

Hey thank you for all this attention and response! It’s been all kinds of exciting for me. Just curious how did you come across my blog, I’m always interested in the path people take to get places. And thank you for the compliments, you were very gracious even though I kind of attacked you, no hard feelings I hope?

Cheers Greg,
Good luck with the business!

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