The Stick… Seriously?

8 11 2009

Am I overly cynical?  screw that .. I’m so not.

This is ridiculous… go to this site. Make your own judgment and then come back and see what I have to say.

Back yet?

Ok…. SERIOUSLY!!! WTF  it’s a fucking stick….. it’s a STICK…. they have built up a big ole site with all kinds of famous athletes giving The-Sticktestimonials about the wonder and amazingness of the GREAT product!

It’s a STICK!

A fucking  stick!!!!! lol I’m torn being highly amused and horrified.  I mean seriously.. they have like 50 products..  it’s like a hundred bucks.  A HUNDRED BUCKS for a fucking stick… lol.  But!  They also have travel sticks, sprinter sticks, the original sticks, and instructional DVD’s you know.. so you can learn to operate a stick.

So why am I being such a poop?  I mean it’s endorsed by Olympians for God sakes, it must be a wondrous creations.  Oh what is it for? What does it do… little miss critical? hu hu?

Well, did you know when you use your muscles they gets knots… that’s right knots… and stick is a most effective way to get rid of them.  How you ask? by beating them to death? NO.. you use the stick, you see it has these groves and bumps (innovative hu!!) and you rub the stick to manipulate the muscles and increase blood flow.  Massage them if you will.

So basically it’s a massage stick…. lol.  So you could save yourself a few hundred bucks and oh use your thumbs.. or a fricken broom stick even.

But I’m just flabbergasted at the number of things that people just believe because they are told this is good great awesome product by ‘experts’.   And how many people will write amazing reviews for stupid products, sigh.  The funny thing is I actually know and understand the psychology behind this behavior, and perhaps that is why it is so transparent to me.

That’s my little rant for today 😀

(Here is a review written by someone who has actually used it!  I’m a personal trainer as well an athlete training for Ironman triathlon. At a recent event expo, I stopped at the “Stick” exhibit to explain that I was in fact terribly disappointed with their product. He agreed with me!!! But offered that the problem was in the model, that I needed to purchase the larger model to get the proper effects. Ohhh, I need the more expensive one to actually benefit, is that it? He began to demonstrate, causing me to abruptly insist that he stop because it was hurting me. He became extremely aggressive in his demonstration and within seconds, actually brutalizing my muscles with this ridiculous gadgetry, inflaming nerves along the back of the leg which spurred severe cramping of the foot and toes!! Do not walk … run. This is a terrible, worthless product sold by idiot nitwits that think its okay to man-handle people with detriment!!! They and their product have worsened any muscle fatigue or soreness that I had and I would give anything to hit him in the head with that ridiculous “STICK”.)



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8 11 2009

hahaha, yeah, I think that’s how the 4-hr work week works. Think up a random hunk of shit and then sell it on the internet. Worst case scenario you cover you expenses!!!!

8 11 2009

optimist.. that is soooo not the worst case scenario!

11 11 2009

I get the concept. Jillian Michael’s talks about using a rolly thing on her calves that hurts like a motherfucker, but helps in the long run after a workout. I only heard her talking about it a couple of times, and it definately was not this particular product. However, the science is actually accurate.

11 11 2009

I’m not saying the science isn’t accurate. I KNOW the science is right… that video on their home page is retarded it doesn’t talk at all about how or why the stick is any good for the science he is describing.. to the laymen it looks like a lesson not a sales pitch I see it for what it is… the non sales sales pitch. Our product is SOOO awesome we just have to tel you something about fitness you might not know and imply out product is the perfect tool for the job..

I’m saying you don’t need ANY product to achieve it. What irritates me is they are preying on the ignorant and innocent with their science fancy talk about shit that anyone worth his salt in the fitness world just knows (the science as you mentioned). What makes me angry is they try to tell you here is the science voila you need this product.. and I’m telling you can do the same thing with proper stretching, massage, or rubbing yourself with a number of objects to work out the calcium build ups, knots, and increase the circulation where it may have been blocked.

plus there are a hundred diff things in existence that do the same thing that are a) better/easier and more comfortable to use, cheaper, b) not a scam and c) don’t use shady tactics to prey on the ignorant.

Just pisses me off watching them take advantaged of people. That said a lot of people buy the product and are super happy.. (but honestly I think they just don’t know any better and choose to be happy because they have already committed [see that ted talk video I posted a while back]

😀 wasn’t attacking you or your comment just tirade-ing 😉 kiss kiss

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