11 10 2009

So I was faced with a choice last Friday.

After work, I stopped at Sababas  on the way to Editing (which is definitely not my favourite thing).  When I got to work, I looked for my phone and realized it was gone.  When I arrived, they told me that had called me and my co worker had answered.  So I called her, and we arranged for her to leave it at the Highlife (like 7 11) near our school for me to pick up later on.

Had a chat with some friends after work, and when I went to get my bike (scooter) I discovered that they had shut it behind some huge locked gate.  And I totally couldn’t get at it, possibly not until Monday.. SIGH.  So no phone to call anyone, and no scooter to go get the phone.  DAMN IT

So I thought to myself, what a bad day.  But really?  Was it bad? No.

I had a good day, and making that decision turned everything around.  I mean really, I had a decent day in class.  Dinner was decent, when I got editing and I realized I had misplaced my phone I didn’t even get a chance to be stressed out about it before a solution had presented itself.   If I hadn’t gone to work I wouldn’t have had a great amusing conversation with my co-workers.  And while my scooter being inaccessible wasn’t the greatest, a guy nearby tried to help me and loaned me his phone to call Tracey.

I ran over to the MRT, Tracey picked me up and drove me to the store to get my phone.  Everything worked out fine, it’s not like my scooter can get stolen (I can’t even get at it).  I got my phone back, in all I’m out 20 nt for the MRT and 25 nt for a soda for Tracey.  So I was inconvenienced a little, so what.

So you see, I had a choice, I could have gone with my first instinct and moaned and groaned about how unlucky I was.  What a shitty day I had had.  But instead, I looked at it from the other end.  So here I sit with a smile on my face and a little laugh at myself and the silly unfolding of events.

Yay me 😀



4 responses

11 10 2009

Holla good for you!! thats a good way to be!

11 10 2009

Thanks now lets hope it doesn’t backfire and my scooter hasn’t disappeared (fingers crossed). Lets just hope karma is going to be friend to me.

11 10 2009

That’s awesome – I will remind myself of that next time things don’t go my way 😀

11 10 2009

yay totally there were a couple of other crappy things that occurred as a direct result of not having my scooter this weekend.. but nothing really serious 😛 I’m hoping I will be rewarded for my good attitude 😀

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