Salty and Crunchy, Nuts in Your Sack.

6 10 2009

Ok so I know this is random, but I was looking online trying to find out the nutritional values of pine nuts vs walnuts and cashews.   I was just thinking about what kind I would like to buy for putting on my salads.  I love pine nuts but they are hella expensive, so I was looking at alternatives.

Check out this link for all the detailed information you might want to know about nuts tee hee. [click here] The even have a little about their history and some cooking tips, of how to incorporate them into your diet.


I honestly I wasn’t even looking for all this, but I was really interested in all the cool stuff I found out.  Like did you know,  walnuts have a lot of Omega-3 and anti oxidants?  Which are good for your heart and all kinds of good things!

Chestnuts contain vitamin C (really?) and potassium.  Brazil nuts can reduce the chances or prostate cancer, pistachios reduce blood pressure, cashews help prevent arthritis, peanuts reduce the chances of birth defects… the benefits go on.

They even list which nuts your should avoid if you have different health issues.  Very handy and interesting,  all the nuts are high in the good fats, they contain all kinds of vitamins, minerals, and other goodies.   Best of all!  They are almost all really good for your heart among other things.

The moral of the story?  Nuts are yummy and really good for you :D.



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6 10 2009


6 10 2009

sez you 😛

7 10 2009

lol…as I recall chestnuts on the cover of the university newspaper increased pickup by 23%. 😉

7 10 2009

lol… SHUT UP!!! I still can’t believe you sneaky bastards did that 😀 ha
What can I say people love the nuts

7 10 2009

They are good for you… as long as you practice portion control. Even good fats need moderation.

I eat a tablespoon of walnut bits in my cereal every morning. Sometimes I’ll have toasted almonds (I toast them myself). I avoid peanuts as they are a lesser nut to me, and not worth the calories vs nutrients.

7 10 2009

portion control.. what’s that now? Oh yes where you eat all the yummies in one bite yes no?

Hmm Yeah I wanted to toast some almonds but I can only get nuts at cosco and they are usually whole. I was thinking about toasting some walnuts (it says that’s yummy on the site).

LOL the lesser nut.. their technically not even a nut their a legume. I don’t really like them myself, but that’s just a preference (and I hate peanut butter… yuck)

8 10 2009

mmmm nuts

8 10 2009

crunch 😀

16 10 2009

I grind up almonds in my bean buster and just lightly toast them in the frying pan. You’re welcome to wipe out the bean buster and use it to that purpose.

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