Happy Birthday Bex :D

29 09 2009

I’m stealing your idea.. why because it was good 😀

Picture 114It’s my friend Becky’s birthday.  Becky is super awesome cool, and tons of fun.  I think my favourite was the time that I showed up and rang her door bell with no advanced warning, from Taiwan :D.  Although cruising the beach on Canada and enjoying the “scenery”.. that was pretty epic too!

I only get to see her every couple of years when I go home, I’m still waiting on my visit over here :D.  But I always have a great time, and I really look forward Picture 122to the times we do hang out.  Especially as we both have been working on being awesome possum, it’s great having someone cool to confer with who totally gets the need to have positive, fabu people to interact with.

Becky and I have a funny little history, she was my classmate’s little sister and our mom’s where friends.

Picture 141 Bex was having trouble with math so I used to go over and tutor her a couple times a week and hang out afterward.  She was always fun, and good for a giggle.  Didn’t really bother us, but it was a little weird back in school to be friends with someone a couple years out of your grade.  That’s us always pushing that envelope (in a good way! :D)

One thing I have to say, is I really love and appreciate how awesome Becky has always been.  I have a lot of different types and styles of friends.  But I have always been able to count on Becky for an ear, shoulder, hand (just full of handy body parts :P)Picture 263 and most awesome an encouraging word.  Perhaps you don’t know how important that kind of thing is, but it has value beyond words.

Hugs Becky!!!  I love you.

Happy International Becky day! W00T!

See how nice I am?  Didn’t add anything about how you sneak into pictures, steal lip-gloss (and then give yours up to throw people off the sent), and full on plot PLOT I say. GRIN.

Tee hee… times twelvety five.  But Becky… what we all really want, nay NEED to know is do you like sausage?

Picture 219

Picture 258

Picture 135



4 responses

29 09 2009

HOLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so sweet thank you!!! best gift EVER!!


29 09 2009

yeah!! hugs!!

30 09 2009

Wow, Mag… you are a fantastic friend. How cool are you? Must be the reflection of the “awesome possum” friends you hang out with. A mutual reflection.

30 09 2009

Lol, thanks. Although I really can’t take all the credit, I did kinda jack the idea from becks.. I’m such a copy cat 😀

Surrounded by awesome! All round 😉

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