Teaching Sells, does it?

18 09 2009

teaching-sells-285x300So at the urging of a close friend I signed up for an online marketing sales type course called Teaching Sells.  And there is a lot of interesting information and more importantly teachers and a network of other people trying to do the same things as I am.  Making money online, with blogs marketing, membership sites etc.  This network is good because people help you brainstorm, help encourage you when your down and give advice when your feeling lost and confused.

Sounds great right?  Well what’s the catch?  It’s not free (obviously), and it’s a little expensive.  Don’t get me wrong, in the grand scheme of things it’s not, but it comes to about $2000 and it feels a little steep, perhaps I’m just cheap but it feels heavy to me.  On one hand, ouch right… but on the other, all this information is nicely packaged so you don’t have to sift through the crap, plus there are people involved whose whole job is to help you make this work for you.  Besides, if you have nothing riding on it, what is there to push you forward and MAKE you do it?

Perhaps some of you just have the ambition and drive to make these things happen for yourselves, but I know that I don’t.  Perhaps it’s a lack of self confidence, fear or something else but I tend to strive for mediocrity.  Which is fun and  great in its own right, but at the same time…  it’s hardly fulfilling.  And it’s certainly not going to get me to my goal of  ‘playing and living  it up’ all day everyday.  What I want is to get paid for the things I like to do, and am doing anyway.  And baring that, work out a way to make enough money that I don’t have to do things I don’t want to anymore, so I can focus on traveling, laying on beaches with pinacolada’s in pineapples, scuba diving, dancing, playing board games, reading … the list goes on.  You’ll note no where do I mention sitting in a room marking stupid papers for hours on end, wish I would just die already.


So clear answer right commit to the course.  But part of me is not sure, do I really like this course, is it really something I want to do or that I think will make me money?  Or am I just doing it because I had no direction and my friend told me to?

I just don’t know.  I have until the beginning of October to decide, I can get my money back, no hard feelings.  But then what?  At least this way I have something to do right?  I just don’t know, I feel all lost and spinny round and round I go.




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18 09 2009

Hmm I reviewed Teaching Sells recently on my blog – its bloody expensive if all you want is direction.? Do you have an area of expertise that you are an expert in and there is a number of people who are going to pay you to teach them? Alternatively do you have the contacts to find an expert to JV with? Its a tall order for a beginner …

19 09 2009

Well possibly, but no nothing clear. Which has been a bit of a problem for me. I do have access to a couple of ‘experts’ such fluent English speaking Chinese Doctor… and a couple of others. But I do feel very much like a minnow trying to swim in the ocean.

What’s you’re advice?

21 09 2009
Brian David Phillips

You didn’t ask me but I will say so anyway . . . it sounds like a huge investment for something that might prove appropriate when you finally figure out what direction you think you might be going in. The reviews out there for the older version of this product written by folks who were not affiliates at the time make it sound like a more of a pay-for-sales-pitch than actual skillset information. I agree with Nadine, cut your losses and take what insights you may have garnered on what sort of things you need to be doing and go out and do that. Access to “experts”? You might need a more solid foundation if you want a resource that allows you to create new content that is payforable with you as perceived expert, unless you are acting as a middleman for the experts at which point you need to know platform building or the like. Decide direction then move forward. What is your niche? This coming from someone who has been having sit down hard core talks with folks who are awesome at marketing trying to glean every gem possible.

Keep at it.

All the best,

21 09 2009

Ah but I was asking your (and everyone elses) advice! I am beginning to think I need to step away (cancel) and regroup, I can always join again during the next intake if I feel it is worth it. The other thing is all this information is out there, for free or cheap, you just need to find it. I have quit my job, I have a little time, it might be worth my while to dig.

Thanks Brian 🙂 appreciated

19 09 2009

Are they giving you a “trial period”? In that case, what have you got to lose? Lemme know how it goes.

19 09 2009

Oh yes, Didn’t I mention that? I’m in the trail period now, what I’m considering is should I continue and pay and work on it, or cancel and try to apply what I’ve learned so far and look elsewhere for the information.

19 09 2009

In that case, I think you should take what you can get out of the free period, then cut it loose. Maybe I’m just cheap too, but $2000 is an awful lot of money!!!

21 09 2009

I’m not really about getting what I can and running, but I see what you’re saying. I will probably make a solid decision on this whole business this week.

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