Canada’s Wonderland

16 09 2009

I feel like I should write this big ass post about Canada’s Wonderland… but honestly why?  I had a great time there with my friends, I really wish I could have gone again this past trip.  It’s a fun place.  What else is there?

Well there is this video  WOOO Tee hee… they told me no Camera… rebel 😀 Seriously though watch the video!!  Most excellent good times, plus you can laugh at Gabs and I screaming the whole time… Gabs has quite the set of lungs on her!

And there are a bunch of pictures from the day on FaceBook [here]

If you’re ever in TO and you like amusement parks (if you don’t what are you doing hanging out with me????) Go!!! It’s totally worth it.

But make sure to buy your tickets ahead of time, I think the place was called Mac’s Milk (some convenience store) or online… there are ways to get discounts (instructions here) so you pay 30 something instead of 50 :D.. but really if you live in the area a season’s pass is totally worth it..



2 responses

17 09 2009

LOL… that was great!

17 09 2009

I know right? I could totally go there again and again.. sigh I was retardedly wealthy I could rent the whole place for a day 😀 stupid lines

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