See No Evil, Hear No Evil

12 09 2009

Dude I love this movie, it’s all old like (1989)l, but Richard Prior and Gene Wilder… Classic!  I just watched it again… giggled my self silly.

Now I’m totally having a hankering for more of these kinds of movies like, the 1988 awesomeness “Coming to America” .. lol…

Trading places, from 1983… fun!

All of the Beverly Hills Cop movies… (although I think I liked the lethal weapon movies a little more) 

And I hear good things about Blazing Saddles, but I haven’t watched it ( I don’t think anyway ;P)  

Tralala…. I like old movies… I wonder why that is?  What about you guys, any suggestions of old ass crap I might like? 😀




8 responses

13 09 2009

Steve Martin in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels!!

13 09 2009

really? Hmm I’ve never been much of a steve martin fan but the title sounds fun…

13 09 2009
Aunty Linda

In 1976 Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor star in SILVER STREAK. It’s a comedy & murder …very entertaining. If you like Gene Wilder you will enjoy this.

13 09 2009

oooh goodie!!!

13 09 2009

Are you a John Candy fan? I love the movies Uncle Buck, The Great Outdoors, and Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Dutch starring Ed O’neille is also pretty good.

14 09 2009

unfortunately no… I never really saw the humour in John Candy’s stuff… I remember something about planes trains and automobiles but not whether I liked it or not.. mayhaps I shall investigate!

14 09 2009
Aunty Linda

I love Uncle Buck and Trains Planes and Automobiles.. Try it Mag.. You’ll love them I’m sure.

15 09 2009


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