10 09 2009
The ‘friend drama’  I mentioned in the previous post is here.  I admittedly lost my temper and removed him as a friend on Facebook.  fighting-kittens But I was really pissed about someone who knew me would say such an obnoxious thing.. even if he was joking.  Here’s the convo…
Him: did you seriously friend dump me?!?
Me:  Did you seriously call me a bitter white girl? and agree with your ignorant asshole friend? He was just an ignorant ass and while he pissed me off his opinion doesn’t matter to me. what he said only made me angry.. you know me.. for you to say it sucked.
I may have been a little hasty .. but I was upset. I never do it, and then I always just let stuff go, I went with the mad this time.
Him:  If you’ve seen my friend magda, tell her to hurry back to taiwan. being on vacation gives her way too much spare time. did you really think i was serious? are we really still in fucking highschool?
your entire blog is riddled with ignorant assumptions based on your opinions. you let your thoughts and feelings free flow without filter. yet you find it funny and have no concern about others reactions to them. i don’t get it. it’s all a little too hypocritical for me. seriously, wtf? what’s the underlying problem bringing all this on. this screams redirected anger.
you definitely went with over reaction to say the least.
Don’t hold back at all (name),
Yes I totally over reacted I was having a really bad day had a huge fight with an old friend and was a might oversensitive. I have a wickedly bad temper and usually do not allow myself to do or say anything while I’m mad because I do and say stupid rash things that I regret later (usually not much later either) I usually chill out in a hour and laugh at myself and how silly I was.

The only reason I got as mad as I did is instead of fighting with your ‘friend’ who pissed me off so badly off on your wall. I sent him a private message, the ever so enlightening and charming conversation continued there.. and you’re comment came after that. (there were other little factors that pushed me over the edge too, being tired, stressed about my mom etc) I was really angry at him and then you agreeing with him. Which I can clearly see was a joke hit a nerve given what captain ass hat was expanding on elsewhere.

What went through my highly illogical angry girl mind (I’m sure you’ve run into a few of those in your years) was you’re friend you agreed with his comment, joke or not you agreed with his views. —> Honestly I have all kinds of crazy ideas when I’m angry, and I virtually never, NEVER act on them because they are stupid and crazy. What I did while stupid and rude and heck even a little crazy wasn’t all that bad. I’m sorry I did it. It was uncalled for.

But hey let’s get to the meat and the potatoes here, Are you just mad and venting because I over reacted? Or is this really what you think of me?

Because, while I was mad at you given a little time I was like hey I’m just being stupid, there is no way he meant it like that, I was just being reactionary, I owe him an apology. I was going to call you in the morning (for me) but then I got this. I decided I should go with my SOP, and not reply until later. Unfortunately now I can’t call (because you’re sleeping), and I much prefer to resolve things over voice so there is not mistaken ‘tones’ which is how these things inevitably start and escalate.
If you were just pissed off (which I of all people can understand) then
“your entire blog is riddled with ignorant assumptions based on your opinions. you let your thoughts and feelings free flow without filter. yet you find it funny and have no concern about others reactions to them. i don’t get it. it’s all a little too hypocritical for me.”  While a little harsh, I get angry people hit hard, no worries.

As for my blog, it’s mine to write whatever I want. I don’t force anyone to read it. I’m sorry you think that my blog posts are all full of ignorant assumptions, clearly it offends you somehow. I’m sorry you think I’m a hypocrite (although to be honest I don’t entirely understand where that statement comes from)

But (name) if this is really what you think of me? Then why speak to me at all? I sincerely apologize for losing my temper, and for upsetting you in any way. I get it if you don’t want to be friends, that sucks but it’s your choice.
hugs, Mag

Him:  obviously the preface to my message about having too much time, and then the ‘seriously’ after it, didn’t convey the lighthearted intentions i was hoping it would. don’t read too much into what i said. i was jabbing at you cause you were being really princessy, prissy and girlie. three things i didn’t think you were all that much of.
as for your friendship request, i love how you’ve come crawling back to me, but you don’t deserve my presence on your profile. you’ll definitely have to earn it back. 🙂
… Yeah ok seriously.. forget it.  I was trying to salvage something but obviously it wasn’t worth my time.  I am totally aware that his last message was meant to be funny but given the elements that were happening earlier comments along the lines of me crawling back, and my not deserving his presence are just rude and asinine.
Ah well, lesson learned.
I feel pretty confident that I did and said everything that I reasonably could to salvage the situation and this is where it ended.



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11 09 2009

‘Scuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor – this was your FRIEND? A friend you supposedly “don’t deserve and will have to earn back”?!? Christ almighty, thanks but no thanks….. last time we chatted you’re no ass-kisser, cut your losses and move on. You tried.

11 09 2009

Totally… I mean I do get that this is all part of his humor. While I know I was a bit of a bitch (hence I apologized) joking or not he was rude too. All he had to do was not be a dick.. and he failed.

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