Racisim Rules!

6 09 2009

I pretty much lost a friend (will post about that in a couple of days) over this, which sucks.  But then again he clearly wasn’t a very good friend in the end anyway so meh.

whos-the-racist2So this guy was complaining about how people on Facebook ruined this UFC fight for him, and I commented on him being a whiny baby.  Just jokes (and he was cranky.. but whatever).  One of his friends made some crack about .. “watch out, bitter white chick.  Be careful.”  That shit pisses me off.. seriously there are loads of bitter white chicks in Taiwan, and I’m not one of them.  Even I think they are a little scary and spastic. I replied with something about his winning the ignorant ass award for the day, and he said ” I rest my case”.

This promoted me to send him a PM, because he’s a fucktard and I don’t fight publicly on FB.  That and I thought it would be good for a giggle to see what this ignorant piece of sputum had to say.  Totally WAS.

This is what I sent him:

So what’s this case that you’re resting? That you’re an ignorant racist jerk? Because that is how you came across to the public eye right there.

You realize you’re whiter than I am… and while I do not know you and do not presume to… how long have you lived in Taiwan? How are you’re Chinese skills? While you’re ignorant comments incline me to make certain presumptions about you I would at least give you the opportunity to defend yourself. Instead of comment on your race.

***** is my friend, and we joke around all the time so perhaps.. and this is just a suggestion you could take your bigoted head out of your ass… just for a moment and consider how monumentally rude you’re being.

But if you’re the kind of person your behavior seems to indicate.. then I’m sure you won’t do that because you’re far too busy being high and mighty in your deluded little world.

For your information, while you may have had experience with rude bitchy foreign girls in Taiwan who are super bitter and hate all foreign dudes and think they are all asses. I’m not one of those girls. And while I’m angry at your presumptuous rudeness and am inclined to think very low of you, perhaps you’re just having a bad a day and some girl just pissed in your corn flakes. If that is the case I’m sorry for what ever has happened to you to make you so bitter and I hope you work your issues out.

Have a great day I hope the weather is nice for you in Taiwan tomorrow.
cheers Magda

This was his reply

love it. in taiwan for 10 years… now live in Hong Kong (3 years).. chinese speaking ok.. spent a few years learning. my work is half in china and the rest pretty much north america, europe and asia. i an taking u teach abc in taiwan.

Note his horrible typing and writing skills… pulease… all browsers have spell check built in the.  Looser.   So I said

I do, I work at a school as well as at a university.
He said
ah, explains much. how long you been in taiwan… (18 months?)hows your chinese.. ingway wo bu yao lang fei wo’de shi jien… hen do ren gao su wo, bai xiao ji, shi fei chiang peiyani… dui bu dui (because I don’t want to waste my time.  Many people tell me white chicks are bitches, right?)
I replied
try 8 years, and you spelled duo incorrectly, although as I make many typo’s I assume that is what it was. <– look this is how polite grown ups behave, giving people the benefit of the doubt or trying their best to even in the face of ignorance.I’m in Canada on someone else’s computer that doesn’t have Chinese installed or I would reply with Characters.

Suo yi wo shi yao yong pin yin hui da ni. Zen me ke neng lan fei ni de shi jian? Ni de shi jian ying gai bu tai zhong yao, jui fei chang wu zhi de ren zhu yi ‘hen duo ren shuo de shi’. Wo bu zhi dao, bie de xiao jie zen me yang ke shi wo bu shi jian zi de ren. xia yi ci ni ying gai yao xiang yi xiang yi dian, ying wei mei yi ge ren bu gen ni yi yang. Wo hen jing ya ying wei ni hao mei li mao. Wei shen me ni duai ni bu ren shi de ren ne me bu hao? (So I’ll have to reply in Ping Yin.  How could I possibly waste YOUR time?  You’re time probably isn’t worth much, only extremely ignorant people pay attention to things ‘everyone’ says.  I don’t know what other girls are like, but I’m not like that. Next time you should think a little, because everyone isn’t like you.  I’m very shocked at how rude you are. Why do you treat people you don’t even know so badly?)

Seriously though… why are you so rude and judgmental to someone you don’t know and have no reason to have all this ‘hate’ for? I mean really whats up with the White girl alert, stay away… it’s just racist and rude.. if we were friend maybe it would have been some kind of inside joke… but instead you’re just seeming ignorant and rude in a public forum. I just don’t get why you would do that.

THEN.. LOL he said…
i stand corrected… you have zen. facebook is just for fun… dont get so hung up. no idea… i am presuing your an abc (er) in taiwan….
I ended up not replying to this for ages because the fight I ended up having with the original friend put  a bad taste in my mouth .. it stopped being fun.  I did recently write this :
Ah traveling, it gets in the way from replying from time to time. I meant to reply to this a while back. I absolutely love how race still seems to be an important factor to you. When you presumed me to be a white chick I was bitter and you felt justified in being shocking and rude, but (and I find this most amusing) now that you presume me to be and ABC suddenly you’re more polite?

At no point was I hung up, for the most part I was entertained by your ignorance and bigotry. If I wasn’t I wouldn’t have taken the time to write back.

What a fucking Twat, as soon as my Chinese was obviously better than his… which wasn’t difficult to do, he instantly changed his tune, he thought I must be Asian and thus worth so respect.. oh my god.. fuck you dude. Some people are so lame.



4 responses

6 09 2009

Yeah, racism sucks everywhere. So many people have never been on the receiving end of it… but I have, as clearly have you. I have even gone out of my way to call out rude assholes back home for how badly I’ve seen tourists or immigrants treated. Nothing like some “aggressive aggressive” to get the blood flowing. Altho I can’t believe you bothered to email this guy so much. He is clearly one of those guys that is so retarded that you can’t help but hate him, whether you’re a “bitter white chick” or any other person for that matter. Stupid people deserve to be culled from the herd – he is definitely one of the stupid!

Hhahaha, I wonder if they make e-cards “The Human Protection Agency in order to protect against idiocracy indicates that due to overwhelming stupidity you will be culled from the herd”

6 09 2009

Well I honestly spent so much time writing to him because while he was clearly a tit and a useless piece of twaddle it was massively amusing to call him on his shit.

Oh if only they made those cards, I know a couple people who deserve to get one of those!

6 09 2009

jackass…. *insert GIANT eyeroll here* I fucking HATE people who make unfair assumptions when they don’t even know you….. good news is, the only one they really hurt in the end is themselves (such as this case, where he manages to make himself look like a complete douchebag) Good for you for putting him in his place, although I’m sure he’ll just find someone else to pick on. That’s just what losers do 😀

6 09 2009

yeah but calling him on his douche baggery was epically fun…. He is a horrid loser, but I enjoyed it. what saddens me is there are far more people out there just as if not more ignorant, and biggoted than him. He was just a little rude, as far as racist jerks go he’s like a 2 on the scale… boo

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