Make Your own Happiness

25 08 2009

Have you ever noticed that when you want something, and then you don’t get it, you don’t seem to really care?  Now that you can’t have it, what ever it was becomes less attractive.  You don’t really want it anymore.

It’s an actual thing!  This video is super interesting, it talks about how we naturally trend toward making ourselves happy and satisfied.

If something we want becomes unavailable we begin to lose interest, also and I found this extra interesting, apparently once we make a decision we instantly begin to like that choice better.  Especially if we can’t change our mind, then we REALLY like what we’ve decided on.  Ok that makes sense, right?  But where it gets really tricky is if we are able to choose A, but have time to change our mind to B and mull over it back and forth we end up being dissatisfied with everything!

The most interesting part is in the middle.  First he showed people 5 paintings, and asked them to rate them in order of how much they liked them.  He then told them that they could have one, but not their favorites.  He brought them back in a couple weeks later and had them rate the paintings again, they liked the one they were getting better and their favourite was less desirable.

Cool right? But they probably remembered which painting they were getting, so interesting but we can dig it.  So he did the same thing with those people who are unable to form new memories. It’s called anterograde amnesia , and the same thing happened!!  They couldn’t remember ever having met the doctor, or seeing the paintings not to mention which one they had chosen to be theirs.  But they still ranked the one they were getting  higher and their previous favorite was ranked lower the second time.

How awesome and cool is that???  I’ve been meaning to post about this for ages… one of the single most interesting video’s I have watched in a long time.



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25 08 2009

The TED talks are absolutely the bomb. For real. I watched another one about string theory that blew my socks off. This one is really good, too. But here’s my question to you, Magda. What I find in my life is that once I really want something and get it, the value of that object automatically decreases. It could be the brand new rare Nikes that no one else has or a woman that is so smart and sexy that she feels unattainable. But once this person or thing is attained, it’s just kind of like…well, now i got a scuff on my shoe or damn, why does she laugh like chandler’s girlfriend Janis from friends.

25 08 2009

Oh I’ll have to look up that string theory one 🙂

What you say about getting what you want often leads to dissatisfaction. But really, I think that is more about one not know what you really want. You think, you want XYZ, but when you get it you start to pick it apart because deep down it wasn’t what you really wanted.

I find that to be true for myself, I convince myself I want something be it a specific guy or a thing and when I get it I start to pick it apart until I hate it. I have learned that it’s usually a symptom of me not really wanting or liking said person or thing.

But honestly, I’m much more inclined to start liking things I have more over time, 😀 especially in my ‘old age’.

27 08 2009

Hi Babe, yes i did see this i thought it was great… in fact i went to ted and found some anthony robbins.. i am sorry i havnt been around much but i check your blog updates every morning. Have you seen my latest? i saw today that you were missing people… loves hugs and kisses…

27 08 2009

YAY!, Wow really you check it everyday, I feel so special!
Oh, Anthony Robbins hu? Hmm I’ll have to go back and check it out 😀

I did 🙂

hugs and loves to you too 😀

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