Tourist in the GTA

5 08 2009

So I’ve been in Toronto for a few days now, and so far it’s been pretty cool.  Picture 001The train ride up from London was a riot, Timmy and I were being Captains of silly the whole time.  We arrived in TO where Ken picked us up and took us to his place, where a bunch more people from Taiwan (James, Ariel, Oz and JR) were and we had an evening of sitting about chatting and drinking.  I was very fun, but very weird at the same time.

Picture 027We went to Carabana, this Caribbean festival with a shiny parade, full of good times! Actually we just jumped the fence and joined the parade.. hoooray but I think I hurt my footsies :(.

I got a little shopping done (ok just MEC) met up with Emma, and went to a BBQ, we tried to go out to party on Sat night but it ended up being a bit of a bust, ah well.  Lunch with Emma was really nice, I really quite miss her, she is a really lovely person with great energy (even when she’s grumpy bumpy).

After lunch I walked all over just checking things out and wandered my way down to the CN tower, I took my time and ended up there are a reasonable hour to catch sunset.  In my usual fashion I made friends with people in line, in the elevator, at the snack machine… tee hee you know me!  I hung out at Picture 071the tower and got some decent pictures, then a friend picked me up at the tower (side note.. I felt so damn bad, he showed up and i got stuck in a line to get down so he ended up waiting like 20 mins for me at the base of the tower!!! ).  We went for a late dinner and drinks, which was really fun, but I was tired and my feet were killing me so he took me on a little driving tour and then home.

Tuesday I did almost nothing, just resting and chilling out from the day before (god I’m such a pansy!).  Erik called and as I mentioned we went for dinner and drinks, and he drove me to the falls Wed morning.  I got to Niagra around 10:30 11 and just wandered around for a bit, eventually I went to the under falls walk thingy which was nice.  But super bummer I realized I hadn’t charged my camera from the CN Tower.. oops..Picture 105 Luckily i got quite a few shots before it died on me.  I decided since I paid to go down there I was bloody well staying and getting my damn money’s worth!! I stayed down there for AGES, making friends and chatting up random people from all over the world.  Good times!!

So, you know the whole Canadian, Friendly Polite thing we all have going on?  But then there is the passive aggressive bs that seems to go hand in hand with it?  Well I am still painfully kind and polite, apologizing to people who bump into me and the like.  BUT clearly I’ve been away too long, be there is no passive in my Aggressive.  I was helping these two cool Jamaican Ladies take a picture and i had to step back in order to get the whole shot.  I accidentally bumped (just bumped) into some woman, and promptly turned smiled and said “Oh I’m so sorry”.  What does she say? Loudly to her husband, ‘harumph some people!” <—– If this blog had emoicons I would use the exploding red face one here.  Well, gloves were off, I turned back and said.. “Hey, it was  an accident and i sadi sorry, so really you don’t need to be such a fucking bitch!”.  Turned back took the picture and chatted with the nice Jamaican ladies.  Moral of the story, I’m lovely unless you cross me.. then I’ll fucking cut you.  I even eyed the woman later, seriously considering giving her a peice of my mind, but in the end decided, it wasn’t worth ruining her day over.  Even if she was  an ignorant, rude, stupid, cunt faced bitch. (EVIL GRIN)

Picture 020Later while still capitalizing on my ticket, I started chatting with this woman with the MOST AWESOME highland Scottish accent.  Seriously straight out of a movie, well next thing I know I”m in the family picture and the video as the random friendly girl.  As we’re chatting my living in Taipei comes up , you know how it is people ask where are you from.. and there you go, and it turns out one of the cousins is moving To Taipei next week!  Seriously, small world much, hey i like your accent, oh your Canadian cousin is moving to the Random Island I live on in Asia, oh same city.  We traded email addresses, he seemed nice so it would be cool to meet up in Taipei, Life being so transitory, you end up always being in the market for new friends.

Picture 087Then I went a bought some tacky souvenirs.. because honestly I like that crap :D… I actually asked the guy for the ugliest tackiest thing he had.. so he and I went on a little mission looking for the worst things in the shop.  I love my sister. 😀  Then I slowly wandered down the river, chatting with random people at ice cream shops, cops, etc.  Turns out someone went over the falls sometime TODAY.. Turns out it happens all the time, Most people die but a few go over unscathed, it’s just all in the luck.  Last month one guy tried to do himself in, failed and kept trying to drown himself while they were trying to rescue him.  Tool, he wouldn’t take the rescue rope, so the turned the helicopter sideways and used the wind to push him to shore LOL.  I’m bummed I missed that!!!

I walked down to the Hard Rock Cafe, mostly because I was excited there was one here, I thought most of them had closed and I haven’t been since Paris.  I was a little irked that a shot glass was almost 12 bucks, so I went to have linner and discovered if i had a shot it cost 25 cents more to have a glass than just getting the glass, Hell yes I’ll take some booze!  WOO  So I got my shot, a glass and linner (lunch/dinner), Fabu!

Picture 085Now I don’t want to be a bitch.. ok wait yes I do.  WTF is wrong with everyone who works at the damn falls? OK fair enough the other tourists don’t have a damn clue, that’s cool, but the employees and people who live here?  They all told me there was no bus, (other than the pre booked tour type ones) from the falls to the city.  Really?? No public transit?  But that is what every damn person told me, I got tired of asking!  I was going to walk, but I think I bruised my foot the other day bc the right heel is mighty tender, I wanted to cave and get a cab.. but el cheepo wasn’t interested in paying 15 bucks for a cab when the damn bus back to Toronto is only 17.  Well a nice cabby gave me a ride for a discount (yay) and even though it cost  me a little it was probably worth it to not hurt my foot more.



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