Scalpers and Naked Ladies, Welcome to Toronto

27 07 2009

I arrived at Pearson Airport and I was rapidly reminded why I hate this airport…. ok they lowered the price for the trolleys, now they are 2 bucks.. but internet is still $10 a freaking day.. or $15  a month.. RETARDED..  You know even if they made it something stupid like $5 for 3 hours.. or  something, they would probably make more money and people wouldn’t be so annoyed.  Or you could just do what 90% of other places and just freaking give you free wifi.  Stupid Pearson, the only saving grace were the employees why joined me in the complaints about the place.  At least it’s not just me who thinks the place garbage!

Moving along, Eric and Vince got stuck in traffic but I entertained myself just fine until they made it.  Then they went to the Depeche mode concert, and I upset scalpers (I asked how much a ticket would be and dude said 80 bucks, he got pissed when I laughed at him).  I called Marcus and decided to walk the 400 blocks (ok wasn’t that far) downtown to meet up with him.  I was super stoked to see him, but after a little while his work buddies  wanted to go to a strip club.  I had nothing else to do until they concert finished, so I went with them.

So myself and 9 dudes, all but one of whom I had met 20 mins earlier went to see the naked ladies… tee hee.  it was very amusing, and educational I tell you.. I swear touching wasn’t allowed but that didn’t seem to slow anyone in there down… heh 🙂 and there was me blushing and giggling around my beer. I commented on how I got that lap dance in Taipei bc the dancer (guy) had the hots for me, and that I would honestly prefer a lap dance from a girl than a guy regardless of sexuality.   Girls are prettier and I found the dude to be creepy.  Well Marc’s roommate was all ears.. I’ll buy you a lap dance.  I laughed my ass off, but eventually I thought.. meh what do I care?

So I agreed, You’d think he was 5 years old and someone told him there were going to be three Christmases this year!  Well I though he was just going to get a girl to dance for me on the main floor for one song… yeah no.  He had us all go up stairs, and she danced for a bunch of songs.  I think he ended up paying like 150 bucks O.O   Tee hee, so I got my first girl lap dance, seriously I giggled and blushed like a tard the whole time, but apparently, that giggly silly thing works for me and I quote ” you’re just the cutest thing ever!!”

The funniest was the stripper was sure we were a couple we had a hell of a time convincing her we were just friends, lol we neglected to mention we only met that night.  oh well, dude was super funny and nice and surprisingly not creepy, given the circumstances (gold star because I’m pretty damn easy to freak out).  It was pretty funny because she made me spank her (lol I do like hitting people), and play with her jumblies… I just jiggled them and laughed, she gave me shit saying.. Dude I’m not a wii..  pfft how often do you get to jiggle someone else’s goodies??? I jigggle ’em how I wanna Damn it!

Unfortunately I was in a rush when I left, because I was worried Eric was waiting for me and I forgot my fun shiny watch.  Sad Panda!!

More coming soon :0)



4 responses

28 07 2009

lol – sounds like the funniest night out EVER!!!! You played with boobies 🙂

28 07 2009

I know right!!! Boobies are super funny, I mean mine are mine… they’re boring to me… but other ones..? lol boing boing

28 07 2009

Yay for boobies!

Boo for lost watches!

28 07 2009

exactly yay and boo

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