Lazy chillaxed week and heading to Toronto

25 07 2009

The day I got back I was super tired so I did absolutely nothing, the next day was a gorgeous sunny day and we were being lazy as all hell on the lawn just sunning ourselves and enjoying being lazy.  I decided I had to catch up on my finances, which I unfortunately hadn’t updated since I left Smithers (eep) so I had a very daunting task in front of me.. So of course I put it off, but I finally got the wifi password from My other sister and I realized my new heaven!  Sunning myself on the lawn while playing with my laptop!!  postcards_from_the_edgeUnfortunately, updating my money was going to take forever and my stinky sister was reading a book, bitch… I wanted to read too.  Stupid being responsible about my money… Well turns out Dee loves reading to people and I was like hell yes, I like being read to..  what’s this ??  Awesome, yes yes it is.

So She read ‘Post Cards from the Edge’ to me while we laid in the sun and I updated my moneys.  Was very excellent.  It was fun too because a bunch of different neighbors stopped by and chatted with us.  I got to play with some really cute dogs, chat with some fun people all kind of good stuff.  Ok the rest of this story.. aka the good bits are in the other post :D.

So Friday morning I got up hella early, and Michelle gave me a ride to the airport we ended up going quite early to avoid traffic but we ended up avoiding most of the Traffic.  Yeah!  But I ended up arriving early, luckily I have a laptop now so I just hung out online chatted with Mel for a second.  And now I’m on the plane heading to Toronto, It’s great Eric Martin is meeting me the airport and take my bag for me so I don’t have to deal with it and we’ll see what happens from there.  I almost got to go to the Depeche Mode Concert, but it turned out they couldn’t get the extra ticket, oh well.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get a hold of Marcus and meet up with him! (more on this soon I hope)



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