Island Ho

24 07 2009

Sorry I wrote this on the plane and couldn’t get online to verify where I had left off so there is a a little overlap here and there.

I dove down to Seattle and picked Casey up.  Casey in the carThe drive back was way better than the way down, having company in the car makes the drive significantly more pleasant.  We Got to the border crossing and I was a little worried about it, just because Casey is American and they can be a little weird at border crossings about things.  But driving across is a lot more mellow than flying, the guy just asked a few questions and off we went.  Although, it was kinda funny that I had no cell reception on my mom’s cell until I reached the border, and then the phone was ringing off the damn hook.  Dude looked a little cranky about it and told me no phones, I was like sorry we’re late and I had no cell reception so my sister is trying to get a hold of me.

We drove into town, stopped by the liquor store and supermarket to grab some stuff for the BBQ and as soon as we got to the house we were practically attacked by a very excited Dee and Becky.  They were super stoked to finally get to meet Casey, it was cool to finally get to introduce him to some of my people.  I always forget how shy he is, but I remembered really fast when the girls swarmed him good thing we got beer :D.  It was actually quite fun, but I was kinda bummed that him and I didn’t really get anytime to ourselves to hang out other than in the car.  My nephew Doug was a star and grilled all the food for us 😀 so we hung out drinking and eating most of the evening, unfortunately we were really tired after the little sleep the night before and the long drive so we ended up crashing out much earlier than everyone else.  Plus we were getting up nice and early because we didn’t want to be late for the Ferry and meeting up with Chris and  Shane.  I made crepes for everyone, and then on the road again!  That GPS came in mighty handy, I gotta say. Picture 271 We made it to the Ferry terminal in really good time, and had some time to chat before getting on.

Oh I had this huge dilemma, because I didn’t realize that we were taking the Ferry to Duke Point in Nanaimo, but Ray lives in Victoria.. uh oh.  So while I was last minute debating whether to drive on and pay loads of money but have the convenience or I don’t even know what the other options might be.  I got a hold of Richelle and it turned out she was going to drive from Nanaimo to Victoria to see me so last minute working out of the plans!  Picture 273Richelle picked me up from the Ferry and we drove down to Vic together, which was really great we got some us time before meeting up with Ray.  I really miss a lot of my friends, it’s not that I’m sad when I don’t see them, but I’m really stoked when I see them.  When we got to Victoria we hung out at the bay until Ray joined us, then we went to a pub for lunch and after Richelle had to head back.  Ray and I wandered around the town, and ended up paper bagging drinks in the park and getting take out.  We got a little silly, but I had a really great time.  We even stopped at a little pub on the way home (ok we had to pee) had a drink and played pull tabs.. that was new for me, it’s like scratch and win only actually easier.Picture 280

That night we went to bed early, and I was conked on the couch for a while, when I got up we basically went to the bus and off  I went back to Vancouver, bus, ferry, got to the car and I was so damn done!  I popped by the bus depot to get my birth certificate, to the drivers license place and then home. And I swear to god I refused to leave the house again that day!

It was a crazy weekend, but it was really awesome.  Unfortunately I was so worn out that I had to chill at home 😛 for days!

More coming soon 🙂



2 responses

27 07 2009

tee hee 🙂 paper bagging it and pull tabs – a night with me sure is a redneck adventure in the making!

27 07 2009

lol.. um full of awesome.. don’t for get the sketchy teens freaking out in the park.. FANTASTIC!!! I miss you already!!

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