Lemmi Ride Your Couch ;)

21 07 2009

A little note at the beginning of all this…  From Thursday to Sat I had a total of  6-7 hours of sleep, I faired a little better on sun mon but I think I drank every day but Friday so even when I did sleep it wasn’t a good sleep.

Between Thursday and Monday, slept on 3 different couches, visited 6+ cities, 2 countries and drove for more that 16 hours, took two ferries and met up with 6 different close friends.  Packed .. I’m telling you action packed… now I’m run down sickish and hiding at my sister’s place.

I was supposed to have dinner with Jordy on Wed but we postponed so I could go to roosters.  I tried to get downtown in time to meet up with Amanda on Kits beach but I was too slow and missed her so I went to MEC instead and then met up with Jordy for dinner and drinks.  I had a super great time catching up with Jordy (did you know he is getting married??)  and then JordyI decided to crash on his couch because I just didn’t want to drive all the way into Vancouver for dinner then back to Maple Ridge only to spin back to Vancouver in the morning.. just stupid and a waste of time and gas.

Ended up staying up silly late chatting with Jordy and sipping wine and beer, the next day I got up made myself purty and met up with Troy!  Horray.   (oh in between there I was hella upset because I was trying to arrange meeting up with Casey and he was being FULL of suck and unhelpful.. but it was all ok in the end.. my sisters rescued the situation by essentially giving me her car for the whole weekend!).

Troy and MeTroy and I went for a little drive downtown and a coffee, we also stopped into little sister’s book store to check out possible books for my new job as a dominatrix (really I just want to wear leather and hit people for money).  Tee hee.  After hanging out with Troy, I had to rush home because my sister needed the car for her Friday night delivery job (she had a great night, averaging like 6 bucks each time in tips.)

CaseySo while she was at work I chilled at home and packed and prepped for my crazy weekend.  As soon as she got home from work, we did a little catch up and then off I went to Seattle to meet up with Casey.  At 1130 at night, well that sicked a little mostly because I was bored out of my f-ing mind in the car.  I do have to say.. nice highways USA.. really.. plus nice high speed limit and not a soul on the road at that hour..  Thank Christ I pilfered my mom’s  GPs unit for the trip though… I would have gotten so lost trying to find Chris’s house (Casey’s friend in Seattle).  I arrived at 2am and had a nice long hug and a great chat with Casey but then we decided to crash out.  Unfortunately I just couldn’t fall asleep until 5 am and then as usual was up at 7.. sigh, I even tried going downstairs and napping but that was foiled by someone digging holes in the ground next to my head… booo.

Me and SarahI called Sarah, and actually got a hold of her!  She met up with me at Chris’s place after the guys and I got back from Breakfast.  Oh the guys, Casey’s friend Chris who lives in Seattle was a really nice cool guy, I really liked him (in the little time we had to chat anyway) and Casey’s other friend is Shane from Milwaukee who is also Casey’s Taichi Student, he was also nice.  Casey in his usual dumb-ass fashion pissed me off so much I wanted to kick him in the nads.   Seriously, check this.. lets me read a paper with something on it that totally shocked and upset me, and then when I was a big person about it and said well I’m glad you’re happy (because sniffling and being sad isn’t cool in front of strangers) and he totally ignored it and kept reading his book.  And then wondered why I was upset.  *shake my head in wonder* gawd some boys are seriously retarded.

I had a great (though short) visit with Sarah on the lawn and then we headed back to Canada.  On the drive Casey and I had a good talk, I enjoyed the drive back so much more. Casey in Car Unfortunately, mom’s cell didn’t work in the states which I didn’t discover until I got back and it started ringing off the hook at the border.. lol.. border dude was like.. uh no phones.  oops.   Finally was back in Canada and still hadn’t figured out what was going to be happening on the damn island!

oh and it’s long again… more tomorrow!!



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22 07 2009

Glad you’re having a good time. Will keep reading the blog for updates so keep posting 🙂 Nothing new with me. Just working, hanging out with the 2 ppl who are my friends here and going to yoga… same old, same old.

23 07 2009

yeah most of my action was jammed into a few days I’ve been hella lazy this week

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