Sucks <– with some resolution in the end

13 07 2009

Being back in my home town has reminded me why I grew up hating the states.  For one thing it’s just part of the social ‘joking’ culture of northern rural towns and there is a lot of bitterness at the American companies that clearly take advantage of Canada and it’s resources.  The water, the hydro, and lumber it is pretty offensive that it’s cheaper to buy BC lumber in the US and ship it back to Bc that to just buy it in Bc due to some fancy fan-dangling that the companies have done.. not to mention the how  they raised and illegal tariff on lumber bankrupted all the companies bought them out and by the time the courts had ruled and ordered them to pay back damages.. they were just paying Damages back to themselves as they had bought everyone out.  There is good business and dirty business… that’s down right dirty.

Not say I’m back to my old hating ways, just that I have a little more insight as to why I hated the USA so much before, and why so many people and countries still do.

And on to why the USA doesn’t suck and back to the Title., which is the US page is just full of awesome they answer you quickly they almost always have the lowest prices even if you have to pay for shipping, they ship to you almost guarantee-ably faster than the ‘estimated shipping time’ and your stuff always arrives at the beginning of the projected arrival period and usually even before that.  So if  something takes a little longer every now and again, you’re not too irritated about it.  Also if you use free shipping (aka you bought a bunch of crap from them) they do their best to ship it to you reasonably quickly instead of saying “you didn’t pay a ton for shipping so fuck you we don’t care.”

Now what online selling company would ever do such a stupid thing you ask?  ca250x250.jpgWhy!  Turns out the Canadian counterpart is full of suck. I ordered 3 books on the 22nd of June.. and they have still not left the facility.  The original estimated arrival date was the 10th… it is now July 12th  and still nothing.  They didn’t send me any notification or explanation as to why the shipment was delayed, I only knew anything was up because I wondered where it was and logged in.

I got quite irritated and emailed them about it and I got a canned reply.  Welcome to pissed off land!  Giving me a Canned form letter is tantamount to a f$%k off we don’t care about your business.  Seriously??   When you’re in direct competition with

Now I must give them some credit they did attempt at one point in the message to clarify why the shipping had been delayed, but honestly that only served to provide me with more reasons to consider them incompetent.  Even though it is listed as in stock ‘Your items have not yet shipped because we are waiting to obtain “Monsters and Magical Sticks: There is No Such Thing as Hypnosis (Paperback)” from our suppliers.’

Well then it’s not in fucking stock then is it???

This little gem was most charming ‘We expect to ship this order by the date currently listed in Your Account: July 09, 2009.’ Well that’s just awesome, you have  time machine in your office? Or no access to a Calendar?  As I wrote my email to them on the evening of July 11th and they replied the morning of July 12th.  Most interesting.

Then they finish it all up with MORONIC instructions on how to either pay them more money to be incompetent OR cancel my order.   Thanks .. I know how to do that way to be an ass, three gold stars for you.

Meanwhile all the things I have ordered from… WHICH I ordered at the same time or even later have all shipped and arrived at their destinations.  Needless to say I’m a little pissed.

You know, I was just annoyed when I wrote to them yesterday but they’re reply pushed me right into cranky land.

😀 so I wrote back! Bitching them out for their terrible customer service, hey at least I’m having fun right?  I gleefully await their reply (honestly I think it’s one of the only reasons I haven’t cancelled the order I’m curious as to what they will do and say).

Oh look at that, while I was saving this post they wrote back, nice and prompt with gasp… what’s this solutions?  Perhaps my comment that I didn’t mind if they couldn’t get their heads out of their asses as it would provide me with fun blog and youtube material didn’t sound so hot?  That or someone though “hey let’s not piss customers off so badly that they tell everyone how much we suck, and lose lots of money’.

They said “I apologize, but we are still waiting to obtain “Monsters and Magical Sticks: There is No Such Thing as Hypnosis”. We have ordered this item from another supplier, and are still waiting to obtain copies.

However, since your other items are in stock I have authorized a partial shipment for your order at no additional charge. This will ensure you get those items as soon as possible.”

Excellent.  While I’m happy with the final result, I’m not pleased that I had to write TWICE to have the issue resolved and suggest resolutions myself.   If someone, somewhere hadn’t had their finger up their ass they would have noticed hang on..this books is NOT in stock and we’re making this customer wait ages for their order.

What could they have done differently?  Well what would have left a completely different taste in my mouth (and any other customer) would have been an email from (WHEN the delay first became apparent) saying something along the lines of  ‘gosh we’re sorry our supplier has failed to provide us with one of your books, we’ll send the others immediately to avoid further delay at no extra charge and send the delayed item as soon as it arrives at our facility. ‘

Not a difficult thing to do, and while it might cost a couple of dollars you now have a customer that is glowing with pleasure and will loyally buy from you without even comparison shopping elsewhere.

The problem has been resolved to my satisfaction, BUT I remember working in customer service and it was our job to make sure any possible disatisfactions were taken care of BEFORE the customer got angry not after. If they had taken a little time to resolve it before I noticed I would be warm and fuzzy full of love for  Writing a gushy post about how great they are. <– yes I actually do that too 🙂

And while there are many happy customers… I’m not the first person to object, See:

  • Free super saver shipping is a scam. Sure you can get free shipping on orders over what 40$ but they add 3-5 days shipping delay on top of the normal 3-5 days. You can wait up to two weeks or more to order an item in stock…god forbid if its not in stock.I ordered a DVD and a CD on Jan 5, 2007. Both items are in stock. I chose the free shipping option since the order was $45 or so. I will expect delivery between Jan 18-22, 2007. Now is it just me, or is that outrageous? I wrote a letter to Amazon dot com and explained my dis-satisfaction they said, oh you should get your stuff by the 18th. Well it didnt show today. Thats two weeks already. Not impressed.
  • Today I get an email that “the following item from your order is not currently available for purchase. This item has been canceled from your order. If your credit card was charged, a refund has been processed.” First, it is very lousy service to sell someone something and then figure out you don’t have it to sell a few weeks later [read his blog]

ooh I have a short attention span I’m bored now.. must forrage for some lunch 😀



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12 07 2009
JS has it’s own shipping warehouse out of Ontario, Canada: Mississauga from what I understand. I think the problem has to do with the local shipping warehouse, which is a “Canada post” facility which is operated by Crown (postal operator). I think your issue has to do with how the shipping is set up going to and from that warehouse. After reading this, I think that warehouse might be a “middle man” to the Canadian customer and the main Amazon warehouses in the U.S. I do agree that is kind of fucked up though and they should definitely look closer at their Canada operations to refine the process maybe…but I assume this is why your information got F’d up.

12 07 2009

Yes, I can see why that would end badly as Canada Post has it’s own set of short bus problems that completely boggle me!

Yeah I’m also sure it’s just a matter of ‘it’s not my department’ and everyone just ignoring it hoping the customer won’t notice or care…. whoops wrong customer to try that with 😀

9 07 2010

I ordered Top Gun Bluray 2010 release from in March 2010. At the time of order it was “IN STOCK”

Initially I got an email quoting estimated shipping date. Then later, ” we will tell you when we will ship.”

Well today after over three months, they cancelled my order as this movie is NOT available. What?????? I did place a order on a “IN STOCK” Item.

I called, and CS would not admit it was their fault. It is “Supplier Fault.” The supplier this and that??? Why should I care about that ?? Thats their inside problem.

My question is WHY did never told me there was even 1% chance of NOT getting it. It was always WHEN they will ship it.

What a waste of time. Never Buy


9 07 2010

What really gets me… is that is like a completely different planet… they are great… such garbage

26 11 2010

I’ve been having the same problems with, it has to be one of the worst companies in the world. Literally!!

I’ve always had problems with pre-orders from them, I had one item I ordered that actually showed up by MONTHS after it was suppose to ship. All the other pre-orders I booked through never showed up.

The “front line employees” – that’s right the assholes that you get stuck with on the phone or thru email messaging…are complete morons. For one thing the have the personality of a WalMart staffer and it’s pretty obvious the don’t like their job. Most employees have told me to just go buy it somewhere else.

The email service is even worse – instead of real answers to what’s going on with your order the staff gives you cut and paste answers from a canned script they follow. What the hell are they telemarketers – I thought this was Canada not some call center in India.

Then you get these crap emails that change when your order is being delivered. I’ve had the shipping order change 7 times in 2 weeks and then the item was never delivered. This is because they never got it from the supplier. The suppliers seem to be some kind of vengeful god to – the excuse I always get is “it’s the suppliers fault…it’s not ours…we don’t know what the supplier is doing…we’ll get it when the supplier sends it…we really do care!”

My ass you care. makes their supplier sound like the mafia!!

So how did I deal with this – did I end up cursing out employees over the phone and thru emails. Yep! Did it do any good? Nope!

So I emailed the president of Amazon Jeff Bezos.

Did that do the trick? Sure did!

Try it! Politely email him about your situation and something might actually get done. I did though compare to the horrible business practices of the embattled and unscrupulous British Petroleum and that I contacted Chris Olsen a consumer advocate at CTV. Also let him know that CTV was a national channel like ABC, NBC and CBS.

You can contact Jeff Bezos at

He forwarded my email to the Executive Customer Relations department at

They have been taking overseeing all of my orders – it’s pathetic that the problems at aren’t being fixed but this is one way to make sure your complaints are being heard and that your orders actually get to you.

P.S.: or if you ever trip across this blog – you need to quit using crappy Canada Post to ship with – they are the ultimate worse company possible. Switch to UPS more reliable and they don’t leave you package wedged between your screen door so that anyone can come along and steal it. NICE!!! Thanks Canada Post!!!

13 04 2011

I wish i had read this site before placing two orders with Amazon Canada. I’m going through the exact same thing. They state in stock when items are in fact NOT in stock. Typical Canadian business practices, don’t carry stock and wait until x amount of people order the same thing then they place abulk order with the supplier to save on shipping. Amaericans know how to run a business.

Never again Amazon Canada!

13 04 2011

Pretty much, luckily they gave in to my demands when I threw a fit.. but I just take everything the .ca site says with a rather large grain of salt … bunch of twits

10 01 2012

amazon Canada is nothing compare to amazon USa. Is better to buy from Amazon USa and pay for the shipping and you will save money anyway!! amazon canada is so expensive, is crazy to buy from them… service sucks

10 01 2012

I agree completely 🙂 so disappointing that the same company crosses the border and just starts to suck

8 03 2012

Anything with Canada sucks. Best Buy Canada sucks, sucks, Canadian TV sucks. Canadians obviously don’t like making money, that’s why they treat customers like trash. Fuck them all, my money has and always will go to the economy of USA

25 03 2012

Well that’s a little overly harsh and not actually true. Canada often has great customer service, it’s just super frustrating to me that when they bring a good American company to Canada they don’t keep the same policies and levels of service etc. I mean what’s the point of using the same name if it’s name only? The whole point behind the name or the brand, is you know it and trust it and go back for more. It’s like going to McDonalds for a big mac to discover that in this one place they use chicken instead of beef… you’re going to be wary of all McDonalds in the future.. it’s just stupid.

14 01 2013

I have a difficult time finding what I want on Their product selection is very limited. But perhaps we should be looking at our Canadian government’s protectionist policies. In an attempt to protect a few Canadian business investors, Canadians as a whole have to pay the price of limited and tightly supply-controlled products. Even something as simple as Netflix content, not to mention hard goods from the U.S., are tightly controlled as to what we can obtain.

26 04 2013
Terry Foxcroft

I am having some issues with as well. Someone had gotten into my account and ordered a bunch of Kindle books. They sent me an Email regarding the order. I sent them an Email back and told them I did not order the products. I got hold of my credit card company and made a stop payment. Amazon paid back for 4 of them and are disputing the 5th one. They also put a hold on my account as well. The bill comes to $9.14. I sent them an email back and refused payment as I did not order the books. I also told them that if this continues they are going to lose a customer. I’m still waiting on their reply

1 05 2013
Will has a lot of fraud, and as an independant Seller with them, they have to be careful with every issue. I’m sure they’ll refund you in the entire amount that was unlawfully ordered. Your credit card company should take care of that for you, not really

As a Seller, I have a problem with the Customers on Continually I get scammed by Customers claiming that their item never arrived. Of course, that is possible, but it only happens to Items that can’t be tracked or confirmed shipped. Customers claiming ‘Items never received’ on are getting more frequent, causing me to actually close my Shop due to getting in debt, on what’s supposed to be a great way to make a bit of money. From now on I guess I can only ship items that are expensive enough to provide tracking for.

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