Smithers, Not so Bad Actually

11 07 2009

250px-SmithersBC1989<— 1989 (I remember this)

So I thought I’d hammer out a quick post before bed.  (quick pre note.. all the links in here are different, even though they might be on some of the same words)

I’ve been up in Smithers (the town I grew up in) for a few days now, and to be honest I was kinda dreading it.  I was coming to see my mom because I haven’t seen her in2-3 years. SmithersBC_Map_sm I kinda hold a grudge against my home town (Smithers BC) and everyone from it because there was just so much suck here for me.  And even though it’s been years and years… meh.

Well I guess enough time has passed.  I have to admit (and my opinion might be slightly tainted by the really nice weather we’ve been having) that Smithers is a very beautiful place.  I really must remember to take my camera out and take some photos… hmm Tomorrow.  And a lot of the folks here are really nice.  But honestly it’s mostly my mom’s generation and friends that I like.  My mom cooked up a feast, and I only had one friend (Emily, thanks for coming was great seeing you!) and the rest were some friends of my mom’s.   Which is cool in itself. I really like Janice, and Darren and Tanya are really awesome to my mom, it’s great to know she has such nice friends.

I also went to Mountain Eagle books and Saw my ‘other sister Erica’ s Mom Janet,and while running I stopped by my Aunty Sandy’s new place for a quick chat.  And even funnier, I ran into my grade 5 teacher who recognized me through the car and came up to say hi.  Was very cool seeing Mr Burger again, he was one of my favourite teachers! Egad, and he just had to ask about my spelling 😀  I am apparently the only kid he ever met who read voraciously but couldn’t spell for anything… sigh


As I’m hanging out here, I’m wishing I’d booked my tickets a little differently and was staying up here a little longer.  Ah well next time.


It is a little weird around here though, so many things have changed (I guess so after 10 plus years), there are 5 (?) traffic lights and I remember them building the first three  when I was in high school (the others are new to me).  Most of the stores I grew up with have closed, moved, or changed names and owners.  Things look the same, and totally different at the same time… very weird.  I feel all time warp esk.. but then find myself stairing at the Boston Pizza, 7-11, and Timmy Ho’s in pure wonder.  C’est las vie I supose.

Ok bed time 🙂



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12 07 2009

I totally want to see pics of now. 😀 I know what it looked like in 1989! I remember Timmy Ho’s, but don’t know where Boston Pizza is. What’s the population at now then if it’s building up so much? Maybe it’s not so bad that Em lives there even though she grew up there?

12 07 2009

Well yeah, but Em has travelled and done things so her coming back here isn’t really quite the same as someone who never left if you catch my drift.

Yeah the Boston Pizza freaks me out everytime I go by.. it’s right off of main street next to the McDonalds (I almsot said new McDonalds.. but I guess it’s been there for ages.. you know I think the Boston Pizza was even there when I was home last.. like 3 years ago?)

Yeah I’ll try to get out today with the Camera

12 07 2009

See, I told you it wasn’t so bad! To visit, that is. When I’m there, I totally want to move back, because I really do miss it, but then I come home and realize that at least here I’m close to decent shopping and other civilization!

12 07 2009

lol and you live in Osyuos (or how ever you spell it :P) The store called mainerz gave a me a giggle I must say.. oh and that Ray’s board shop is all ‘brand name boutique now CRACKS me up. That’s where the cool folks go for their designer clothes.

I so do not want to live here… but I could visit again (hey it’s a step!)

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