Magda VS The Nuclear Spider

10 07 2009



<— so very not my hand!!


I hate my life… this was from the night of my flight hence uploading it so much later and this post being way after I’ve been in Canada for a min.. but whatever..

Most of this battle is not on video because while I was scared of the wasp I kept it together… as you can see from how it ended I lost it in this one.. and there was no more filming.. much more shrieking… but no more filming… shudder



2 responses

14 07 2009

ewwwww, ewwwww, ewwwwww! Disgusting little creature (or not so little, should I say) The only way I could take care of something like that is to empty a freaking can of spray on it. That way, you don’t have to get TOO close. Bleh!

14 07 2009

huge.. that’s the adjective you were looking for ;). You know, int he end that was what happened.. I was just trying to do something else so I didn’t almost kill myself with the fumes.. I so very failed.. in all respects

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