5 07 2009

Meee 010So.. we had a little party last night.. um heh.   In the morning we proceeded to giggle our faces off with sound bits, as follows:  Twelevty-five, eleventy-one, (any ridiculous mathematical combination of the previous two numbers), is that your armpit?  I like Sausage! Why you hatin’?  round and round it went.

Seriously was hysterical, still hasn’t lost it’s charm but I’m not going to go ito detail because I’m certain it’s one of those… you had to be there.. situations.  I will post some pictures on my flickr (to the right and down) and on here/facebook.

Party 043Becky came out for the night, and we got Doug to touch the jam… again.. that boy is a natural born jam toucher.  We have also all picked up southern belle accents, as we speak I am fanning my self and saying “I declare, these gentlemen need to be buying us some bonnets”  Or some other such nonsensical thing…. I don’t ‘really know how it started but as Dee (my sister) said we sound like southern belle LOLCats :D.  Oh Hai, you be sitting on mai table.   It only got better/worse with the flowing of Apple Pie shooters last night (and let me tell you those are MIGHTY tasty!  Yum… Ok back to laying on the floor being lazy and ridiculous.

And the video of the evening… will endlessly make those of us who where at the part Giggle… oh I am sad Panda.. it won’t let me put the videoon here.. oh well I guess I’ll have to put it on youtube first 😉

Party 049

We had fun times twelevty-five… oh is that you’re armpit? 😀



6 responses

6 07 2009

Hai… I want to kiss you twelvety-five times on the cheek. (points to forehead, then slowwwly corrects down to cheek).

This bit of brilliance brought to you by the Letter Eleventy-One.

6 07 2009

welcome to Sesame Street for big people!

Sigh.. I’m torn between.. saying NOT my fault stop mocking me.. but that won’t work so I must join in and laugh at my self.. 😛

6 07 2009

all day,, just giggles – my co-workers think i am a crazy lady, twelvity five times over..

6 07 2009

Obviously they are confused because you are only crazy times eleventy-one.. or was it seventy-two? Is that your armpit?

6 07 2009

oh yeah, can you email me some of those pictures, they are great.. of course all the ones of me… 🙂 which seem to have a lot of you in them cause u be sneaking into MY pictures bitch… i love you eleventy-one times twelvity five milla-inches..

6 07 2009

PFFT I saw your ass trying to sneak into ma picAtures but I turned ma camAra to avoid y’all. They is all of me!

I love you to the power of twelvety-five centa-yards! 🙂 Yeah I’ll bring em to yeah later 😛

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