Canada D’eh, Canada Day and Everything Between

3 07 2009

CanadianFlagPhoto’s may have to wait but here is me trying to catch up.

See the thing is after the beach party I had to pack and then I had to battle (again) and then go to the airport then plane then in Canada but tired/lazy. Sigh so here I am with many things to catch up on.

The Canada D’eh Beach party was pretty good, it felt like less people this year but really it’s hard to say because it was a pretty large area plus there was a typhoon threatening the north shore so no one knew what the weather would be like.   This year it was in Dan Shui, which was nice because it was only 10-15 minutes from the MRT, downside they had MAD security with drug dogs and stuff.  Not that it hugely mattered to me but they did pilfer my smirnoff ice 😦  (s’ok I went back out to the parking lot later and chugged them… 😀 ).  Ah did I mention I was all kinds of sick and decided to go for dope up on cold meds and drink :P.  Mostly just hung out on the beach, munched on free/cheap promotional foods (thanks McCain’s and That Mexican place), and  drank.  Post all that there was some dancing and a little Colby O’Donis concert.  He was decent but the show was VERY short, and then I decided to head home (you know how it is when sicky and tired).

I worked all day Monday and was kinda running around trying to get some last minute stuff done.   I had tried to be slick with some money stuff with this cheque thing and in the end I decided it wasn’t worth the couple hundred NT I was going to save so I just wired my money home the normal way.  Plus I had to pack some stuff away so my friend Toby could live in my room for the summer.  That worked out quite well, I needed someone to help me cover my rent for the summer and he wanted to try out living somewhere other than where he is.  And if you’re going to test the waters, my room is a pretty awesome place to do it in (My house rocks, I’ll admit it I miss it a little, I miss my computer A LOT).

Gah and like running around trying to get everything done last minute wasn’t enough???  There was one of those big F-ing spiders in my room!!! WHY.. what did I do wrong?  GRR I tried to be brave.. and given my level of fear I suspect I have earned a medal for valor… That said I fell apart at the end shrieked like a little girl and went to find someone to kill it for me… Sigh they did what I didn’t want to do and sprayed the CRAP out of it with Cockroach spray (hello, that’s toxic to me too and I have to hang out in here for the next couple of hours…) Then off to the airport in a frenzy (as usual) and Canada Ho! I arrived and was shocked at how bright it was.. it was like 9pm and full daylight.. I forgot about that.  Oh and Canadian Boarder guards.. wazzup?  Why are you all so tense and mean lately.. Dude I’m a citizen… and I get less hassle going into the states for Christ’s sake!  That’s just not right.

Dee picked me up, yay. Happy.  I’ve been in the Da since then but haven’t been up to too much really.  Busted 15 year old nephew in the shower with a girl.. (GROSS) went for sushi, caught up with Dee, watched some commercials (YAY), and hung out with Becky.

I drove downtown yesterday (Canada Day), and hung out with Becky YAY.  This is getting long so I’ll keep it short.. and will update more later with pictures and video’s.  But Beck and I hung out by the pool at her house (that’s right when you have a pool in your building in Canada you just get to use it… ) then we went for a walk for some ice cream and a walk on the beach… Where we proceeded to be perverted and check out all the dudes cruising around with no shirts on.  Let me point something out here it is F_ING cold!!! Not beach weather people not beach… and definitely not swimming in the cold ass ocean weather  BRRR.  We made a little video.. it amused the heck out of me 😀 and then chilled at her place with a couple of drinks.  Went out for dinner and then back to Maple Ridge for me.

Here’s the thing… Canada is Big.. like really big.  On a map Maple Ridge and Vancouver are a hop skip and jump away from each other… yeah they’re really not! Far far far… and on top of that the drive back was dark so the city looked different .. and somehow (I have no idea how) I cruised right past Highway one… sigh and drove for like 20 mins too far in the wrong direction.  I finally turned back and got on track and then missed my exit.. Jesus it was a gong show. A 40 min drive took me like an hour and forty minutes… truly horrible.  Plus I’m feeling sicker again 😦 I don’t know what to do about that maybe I’ll go to bed MAD early tonight… Ok I gotta go and get my ladies who lunch on!



3 responses

3 07 2009

LOL… I warned you that Vancouver was far!

I sorry you are cold… as I sit here sweating my bag off. I kinda wish I was cold. Now I’m jealous. Poo.

I’ve seen the pics. And my favourite are the ones of Becky. You know, where she might have been cut off a little bit… but you can still totally tell they are pics of her. Uh huh. Yup. You just have to look loooong and haaaard at them. What??

3 07 2009

Um yeah, “Becky’s” like really hot and stuff.. umm.. shhh

3 07 2009

pshhhh I am hot n stuff…

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