Whoa… dude… TMI

25 06 2009

TMI, too much information.  It happens so often, but what’s truly entertaining is of you just say whatever it is with out any warning people cringe and look horrified.  With comments such as “whoa… why did you share that… ?”  BUT, if you give a warning first, like “this is way too much information” and give them the opportunity to opt out.  Well lets just say  I have yet to ever EVER come across someone who has said “ok, don’t tell me”.  Quite the opposite in my experience, they hesitate… then lean in excitedly and say “go on”.

That said, this here post is totally WAAYY too much information.  If you don’t want to know.. don’t fricken read it then you tool.  Seriously though..  really TMI  or maybe it won’t be .. I may edit it down to … a little TMI before I finish, I guess we’ll just have to see (me too as I haven’t written it yet!)

So.. lets start with waxing.  Now I have been waxing for years, and  I hate shaving as an alternative [more on this here].  But I cheep as hell, so for the past couple of years unless I’ve had good reason I have epilated what I can and shaved the rest.  Thus I’m just not used to waxing anymore… Honestly in the past two years I think I can count the number if times I been waxed on one hand.

W18D-S5_Brazilian_Bikini_WaxingSo…. I decided I wanted to get my bikini and upper legs done before I went home.  (lower leg I do my self no problem)  I popped up to Tienmu to Coco the waxer (most girls in Taipei are quite familiar with her.. or vice versa I guess;) ).  I’m thinking easy peasy.  DANG, it actually quite hurt, I don’t know if she was a little off her game, or it was the weather or just me but it was more painful than I recall it being in years.  Now at the time, I remember thinking ” I bloody hope men freaking appreciate what we do for them.. because I’m sure as shit not doing this for myself….ow).

Ok seriously it’s like your last chance to get out while you can….

No?… ok but it’s on you if you’re like WTF, I’m just saying.

Well, then we got to the crazy bits.  Now, I need to start by explaining what appears to be a pretty standard wax job with Coco.  If you’re getting a Brazilian (that the only one I get so I don’t know what happens with other requests… but trust me this isn’t standard anywhere else I’ve been, not even Brazil) which is everything (I mean EVERYTHING) but a small strip/patch at the front removed.  That means ALL the good bits down below are stripped off.  (lemmi tell you after someone has been fiddling about in your crotch ripping stuff off… you feel pretty comfortable around them (well it’s that or die of embarrassment, but that seems a little excessive).   So that’s standard Brazilian, generally speaking it’s all the front (except a little) and all the lips area as well.  This does not include the anal region.

pornstarWell with Coco it sure does… Full porn star wax when you go to her.  I’m ready for my close up… literally !! 😀 tee hee I couldn’t resist.  So there I am feet in the air, while she is ripping away thinking.. Jesus the things we do.

Now at this point I was really thinking, man I don’t do this for me.. it’s expensive, uncomfortable and just why would I?

Well lemmi tell you.. I so forgot… it’s been a while.  Fully ‘cleaned up’ waxed-ness is AWESOME…. I wasn’t sexually active for the first… hmmm.. maybe 2 years I was waxing (although I didn’t start with the Brazilian, I worked my way up to it).  And even after I was ‘doing the horizontal mambo’ I consistently got waxed regardless of dating status.

Well if it’s for the gentlemen then why the hell did I do that?  Because, and I know I said it already but it totally bears repeating, IT’S AWESOME!

Fan-fucking-tastic!  Seriously, I’ve been feeling up my own legs for two days now.  And that’s not even getting into the good bits, the shower.. is my very serious happy place I get to ‘feel’ my super smooth skin up with sudsy soapy fun.   Heh… not to say I’m constantly perving out .. but lemmi tell you the porn star wax is SO worth it.  Washing your bum with NEVER be the same…

Heh maybe I’ll go pop in the shower again!  (what it’s really muggy… need to rinse often :P)  and the pictures aren’t me or mine… geez… I theived them from the internet!


she is in Tienmu, just a little down Tienmu east road on the south side of the road. She is upstairs of a hair salon (can’t remember the name), if you call her she can give you all the details. 0937293389



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25 06 2009

Kinda happy I am a bit tippsy right now, otherwise reading that would have been even weirder, and even then – the thought went through my mind, darn should have opted out when she told me too. But this is why I love you… Honesty… not the brazilian.

25 06 2009

HA… see no one opts out… 😀 Come on it wasn’t even that bad, lol.. I think that’s why the warning works so well. People imagine something insanely worse than you could possible ever have done.

25 06 2009

I’ve had the brazilian, and I agree. AWESOMENESS. Haven’t done it since. But I’ll never forget the experience.

26 06 2009

You… the ultimate sissy??? You screamed like a wussy at a the pulling of two hairs … Ha you’ll never forget it do to the AWESOME smoothness down yonder… or because you shrieked like a banshee the whole time? 😀

27 06 2009

I tried doing an at-home waxing kit – one strip almost had me in tears! Needless to say, I never finished the job and haven’t tried it since. yikes!

28 06 2009

lol um yeah it’s something you need to ‘get’ done… doing it yourself doesn’t cut the mustard… you hesitate which makes it hurt worse and you can’t possible reach and see places .. like um.. the back of your legs.. yes that was what I was going to say!

14 02 2010
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25 02 2010

hey! can you tell me where this coco has her salon? i’m in taipei right now and looking for a place to get a brazilian….how much is it? and is she good? i mean you said that it hurt a lot….was it because she didn’t do it very well or because you were just not used to it anymore? thx in advance!

26 02 2010

Yup, she is in Tienmu, just a little down Tienmu east road on the south side of the road. She is upstairs of a hair salon (can’t remember the name), if you call her she can give you all the details. 0937293389

I think it’s like 7-800nt. It was mostly painful because I hadn’t had it done in ages, honestly Coco isn’t the best but she knows how to do it, and she does a decently good job. There are just others I’ve been to who are better at it and have better wax.

Honestly what it boils down to in Taipei is beggars can’t be choosers, and she is pretty the only place to get a decent wax. There are a few other places to go, but one I’m not sure where it is or if she is even still doing it, and the others do not have a clue of what they are doing. I left bruised and ripped skin all over… shudder.

3 01 2011
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17 01 2012

Thanks for the details! I’ve been looking for something affordable for ages, the 3000nt option is all very cushy and nice but I’m on a really limited student budget…

17 01 2012

3000? it’s not usually more than 1500 when I go.. but I only get upper leg and bikiki

17 01 2012

I was referring to the expensive options that aren’t Coco. Went there this evening and got brazilian + underarms for 1270, and she did a really good job, I’m very impressed!

17 01 2012

Ah cool, glad to have helped!

23 03 2012

Hi! I was wondering if you knew if coco used hardwax?

25 03 2012

You mean the one where they don’t use trips just peal up the corner of the wax? Then no she doesn’t she uses hot wax with cotton strips, I have no idea what kind of wax it is, but it works fine 🙂

20 04 2012

Since I read you post, I really want to have an appointment with Coco asap.
I just arrived in Hsinchu a month ago and just visited Taipei once.
Can you give me please more information about the address and how to get there buy MRT ?
Does Coco speak english ?

20 04 2012

The phone number is in the comments, but I updated the post and included it. Just call Coco and she’ll tell you how to get there. Yes, she speaks English.

4 01 2013

I just made the appointment and Im so happy!!!! The other places charged 3000 and 2500 and she charges 900 which is like 25 euros (the same as Paris so a little pricey maybe but at least affordable )! In Colombia where I come from you can pay like 3 euros or 4!

13 01 2013

Yeah Brazil was not as cheap as expected but it was everywhere. I never had any waxing done when I was living in Europe because I thought it would be too expensive but seems it’s not so bad according to a couple of friends.

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