Shit dude… you’re looking old!

21 06 2009

Ok, no judgment but what’s the deal??  Why are so many people looking so rough these days?  And don’t give me that, they smoke, they drink they party and they wear out BS… because I don’t smoke but I go to smoky clubs, I drink, party (admittedly less than before but more than most people do and did) I am a totally sun worshiping bunny.  As are a couple of my friends… and we DO NOT look twice our natural age.

Oh so back to the point at hand.  I was on this web site and have been getting these messages from people.  And I don’t know if they picture is new but they haven’t updated their profile in a while.. or what the score is.  But these guys are like 29, 32, 34… and they look F-ing old.  I”m not into the puppy look anymore, I like guys who actually look like men now (mostly :D)hotsm I mean one of my top hot TV dudes is like 40 and I would throw my panties at him so fast … yeah that’s right..   Does this dude look 40 to you???? I’m like that’s a tasty 28-30.. damn 40 be looking good… maybe I shouldn’t be such an age-ist.  And then I dip my toe in the pool and I’m like WTF.. why are all these people (men and women) looking so tired and old?

This has given me pause in the past as well.  Tracey and I were silly, drunk, and eating meat at huge Brazilian BBQ joint near Salvador with this group of other girls.  Of these three girls I would have staked my life that not one of them was under 28… my honest to god guess would have been 32-35.  Tracey and I were… what 28 at the time, the conversation turned to “being old and tired’  and how we just weren’t up for the craziness of our youth (meanwhile the oldy moldies are giggling into out drinks but nodding along because we feel that way a lot of the time).  We’re thinking cool, older people like us.  How old are you… 22 23 and 21 GASP  Jaws drop, there are crickets chirping… they’re like.. “I know right so old hu”.  Uh sure.

WHAT THE HELL… do you smoke 200 packs of cigarettes a day?  How do you look that shitty, that young?  I see it all the time, no wonder Asian people think westerners look old as shit.  They always guess stupidly young with me, because I don’t look 45 so I must been a western teenager. ????

Today I was really pondering it and I asked Tracey if she knew what the heck was up… her answer had me in stitches (and you know I think she might have something here).

“A lot of people work a 9-5 desk job that  they hate, and spend all their time moaning about the job they hate.  Being a hater will age a person.”

HA… you know there is probably a lot of truth in that.  Another factor could be the whole never-land complex.  Occasionally people ask me when I’m coming back to the real world?  Whose real world… this is pretty real to me, I travel I do stuff, I self contemplate probably more than most people in the ‘real world’. Besides… your ‘real word’ seems to be aging you prematurly! 😛

(note this was mostly written after a few beers last night after coming back from the club)



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22 06 2009

I think you might also have to take into account where you live. Asian people tend to look really YOUNG for their age (at least the few asians I know do). That would make westerners look older.

My oldness is seen in my damn neck. Fuckin waddle from excess skin. The only plus is that maybe the weight of it pulls my face down and smooths out my wrinkles? Dunno.


22 06 2009

LOL yeah that’s (Asian vs non Asian) not even what I’m basing it on 😀 I’m talking about these people on this site.. that their age and their picture seem to be much at odds…

get a neck lift 😀

23 06 2009

I totally would if it were free! Yep, I sure would. If you ever win the lottery, think of my poor neck, wouldja?

23 06 2009

Done 😀

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