MY Stuff got Stoled…

14 06 2009

And I blame Drew’s Cancer…

Ok I don’t but that’s something different.

So I’m so mad.. at myself and the fucker who broke into my bike and stole my Camera and all my cash.  Now I am aware it could have been worse… much worse.   I mean just in the ‘grand scheme of things’ things could always be worse.  But also My credit card could have been in there (it’s not because I’ve learned not to do that again… I never carry my credit cards in Taiwan), I could have NOT taken my Palm Pilot with all my Chinese on it, and my Ipod out of my bag.  I could have not gone back and gotten my phone (before someone broke in).  They could have taken my whole wallet cards and all, (although there is one card missing.. and I can’t for the life of me figure out what the card was… not a bank card, ID, Licence, ??? maybe there was nothing there but it looks oddly empty) They could have stolen my bike, my $200(USD) Motorbike Helmet….  and so on.  They (as best as I can tell) only took my Camera and Cash.  They did steal my tiny water bottle… (really.. wtf??)

So why am I so upset?  Because this is not the first time I’ve have stuff stolen, out of my bag/bike.  AND I had a funny feeling and I Ignored it… I’m so SO FUCKING mad at myself…   That and I didnt’ even want to go out in the first place , if I had I wouldn’t have taken any things out with me.  I would have only taken my ID and some cash.  I’m not blaming anyone, I’m the one that agreed to come out in the end, but it makes it worse that I didn’t really want to go out.  And I’m the one who had a bad feeling and disregarded it thinking my things would be safer outside the club than in (and that was foolish in itself.. it might have been true if I had been drunk but I wasn’t, I was perfectly capable of having my bag on me and being very careful with it.)

Plus I had some pictures and Videos that I had taken recently, that I havent’ had a chance to upload.  Plus I’m going on my trip… and that’s not cheap… sigh.  I’m trying to decide if I should just go out tomorrow and buy a new one on my Credit Card so I don’t shed anymore tears… or waiting a while.. But I definitely want a camera when I’m home… maybe I won’t maybe I’ll wait…

Regardless of what I decide to do.. I’m really upset and sad….



5 responses

14 06 2009

Awww, that sucks. Sorry that happened, sweets. Karma will bite that douchebag square in the ass, you can count on it.

14 06 2009
peggy vince

Honey this is sad you should know by now to listen to Will voice in your head. I have a new Kodak sure shot camera you can use if you want or I have the big Fuji. It took me a good 40 years to learn to listen to their voice I never ignore it any more. Very sorry to hear about your loss of camera and money
love mum

14 06 2009

Thanks mom.. I’m probably just going to buy a new one.. I’ll go price them out and decide if I’ll buy one here or at home.

14 06 2009

Sucker deal, dude. Sometimes people really suck.

15 06 2009

I know right… Shakes fist in the air

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