Dear Apple, you suck

12 06 2009

I have never been an apple fan.  And while I wasn’t about to jump ship to the mac wagon, I had let go of some of my dislike.

appleOh it’s all back.  Reasons I want to step on ‘Apple’s” proverbial head.  1) Apple users are obnoxious (meh meh meh apple is so much better… Well I’ve used it and I don’t agree.. and that makes me a moron?? really?  Bite me)  2) Apple (in spite of what crazy apple people seem to think) cares no more about you than any of the other big bastards.  If your shit breaks.. guess what it costs twice as much to fix it than to buy a new one.  3) You’d think a company as big as apple would have some fricken staff on hand to answer questions if you need help… WRONG instead you just get swung around a fancy little dance of automated service… and if you don’t call during US business hours you’re SOL.  (shit out of luck).

What you don’t have customers in other countries??? REALLY…. You’re customer service sucks…. getting any answers off of you site sucks…  And your products are becoming more and more ‘disposable’  You don’t even seem to want them to work for more than a year… since you put out a replacement product every year or so and your CRAP break right around that time.. you know once the warranty has run out.   Even just replacing the battery, THE BATTERY, usually costs more than a new product.  At least in Taiwan I can just go buy a battery and have it replaced for a few bucks.

Words Apple … I have words for you… none of them are nice though.

The funny thing is, all of my Apple products are fine.  I have had no personal issues with apple as my stuff works.. and I take good care of my things bc I don’t like my stuff breaking…. anyway I should try calling Taiwan’s apple service.   Regardless it doesn’t change my general opinion of apple.  And they would have to wow me with some quality service to improve my opinion.

Plus I just keep hearing more and more stories of the mac books go up in flames… and the G5’s totally dying (ever so conveniently when the warranty is up).    If it’s disposable… then when is it double the price of other computers on the market.  At least the Ipods are comparatively well priced or cheap.

Ok I’m done now … bed time.



2 responses

13 06 2009
peggy vince

I feel the same way about Apple in my group of friends and the computer geek isn’t that laugh. problem is I don’t know dick about Apples, I am pretty good with the PC, most of the time I can fix the problems. I get calls all the time from people who have apples and can run them. The guys here that sell Apples, just one should take a courses when you call with problem. Of course they want lots money for the courses. Nothing is free from Apple but a pain in the ass.

14 06 2009

Apple is poo

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