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8 06 2009

Magda’s words of wisdom (hahhahahahahha)

Shit.  I didn’t forget that I was meant to do this every week… but damn it if the week doesn’t just sneak up on you all unexpected like, that and life (as Dee will attest to) has just been getting in the ‘way’ for me recently.  Regardless here we go.

Wait quick side note, seems I come up with idea’s when running… 😉 maybe I should run more 😛
Shin splints:
From what I hear they suck, some serious ass, I’ve never had them personally for a multitude of reasons.  I’ve been a runner (and yet I still don’t have a running belt.. [looks a Dee side ways and smirks] since I was a little kid (as in competitive all through elementary to high school until my ‘accident’).  As a result I received all kinds of training and just general practice that prevented them.  As a result of learning it all so young I have no idea what was relevant and what wasn’t.  But in High school a lot of the other athletes had problems (maybe I’m just lucky?), so we got speeches all the time on different topics.  Another reason I’ve never suffered with shin splints is I know the warning signs and then do what is needed to prevent them.

Basically, shin splints make your shins ache and hurt like a mofo, and when you run make it feels like the bone is splintering (or so I’m told).  The warning signs are you shins ache and hurt while running (or any bouncy sport) and continue to ache a little after your done.  DO NOT LET IT GET WORSE!

Shin splints, when full blown, make it painful to even walk and take a VERY long time to heal.

Ways to prevent them:

I hate stretching, it’s childish I know, but I just don’t do it as much as I should.  You really should stretch all major muscles BEFORE and AFTER running (actually anything).  It loosens the muscles and warms them up to prevent injury, and after it helps release tension and lactic acid build up, it’s not hype it’s true.  Stretching your shins will help prevent and fix the first signs of shin splints.

Shincercises <– I love making up words
Exercises your shins, and calves (balance and all, plus it’s hard to work one with out working the other).  These are ordered by general difficulty:  1)Sitting in a chair, put your feet flat against the floor, and lift your toes as high as they will go, repeat for hours 😀 just kidding do it as much as you want (more is better).   2) stand up, feet flat on the floor, and lift up to your toes and back down.. (again for ages)  3) get something about and inch or two thick, stand on it with the front half of your foot so your heels are in the air, lift up high on your toes, lower down so your heels are almost touching the floor (SLOWLY) rinse, repeat.   4) Same as three but ‘higher level’ do it on the stairs mid foot (ball) on the stairs, heels hanging off the edge.  Lift up and then down slowly. DO NOT go to low down it is not a stretch, you can hurt yourself if you go to far and do it SLOWLY you can tear a muscle or tendon if you go to fast and too far (You’d have to be an idiot about it.. but some people get excited and don’t think :P)

That’s it really, just do little exercises to strengthen the area and stretch and it will prevent shin splints, if you already have them as beast as I know this will help make them go away but I have no first hand knowledge on the subject.  I’m pretty lazy about prevention, but this is one to make the effort for… seriously.

I was going to make a video demonstrating what I was talking about but, to be honest if we wait for that we’re going to be waiting a long time.  If anyone has any questions, just ask away. 🙂

Disclaimer:  I am not a professional, I just did a lot of sports and trained competitively for running, skiing, boxing and a few others.  As a result I’ve had my fair share of injuries and coaches telling me what to do combined with my own personal opinions and insight.



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8 06 2009

Already there, slowpoke.

9 06 2009

It was scheduled smarty pantsi!

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