Balls, I hate The Government sometimes

6 06 2009

GRRR I’m going to write the mayors office or something.  They did the same mental thing last year.  All the Holidays in Taiwan follow the lunar calendar, and dude to stroke of ASS almost all but one of the Holidays this year fall on a Saturday or a Sunday.

Now, what happens in these circumstances in every nation with a REASONABLE system in place?  They just give you the preceding Friday or following Monday off, They do it in All the cool Countries damn it.  I thought Taiwan wanted to play with big and cool kids??   Well, get your shit together!!

As I mentioned last week, we had 4 days off, nice I guess but not at the price it came at.  The Thursday was a holiday (the only one this year!!) and instead of just giving us the Friday, or leaving well enough alone, we got the Friday off but we had to make it up today.

Luckily my morning job is a bit spotty at times and they said they didn’t need any of the English Teachers this Saturday.  So at least I didn’t need to go in this morning.  I did go for a nice little run in the toasty sun, and then to work this afternoon.  I made work a little better, by taking the kids to the store around the corner to get ice cream.   I got a cone, much to my chagrin I saw they had a wicked awesome Sunday.. poo!  Oh well next time.

Rant complete 🙂

Total side note, I LOVED the Star Trek Movie and because of it I downloaded the original series.  I’m telling you I’m having so much fun!  I especially enjoyed the episode where Khan was woken up, did you know he was from the late 1990’s?  Just after the Third world war, he and his other super humans were in cryogenic sleep in an interstellar cruiser.  YES  awesome, I don’t remember that in the 90’s but hey I’m a little fuzzy on some details :P.

It’s super Cheeze Ball, but if you take into account it was filmed in the 60’s it’s pretty damn pimp if you ask me.



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