I don’t like the busy…

2 06 2009

I’m just not a fan of being busy, with work or anything it seems.  After this weekend, I’m realizing I just don’t like being too busy.  I had a good time this weekend, but I was really busy and I had a good time.  But at the end of it all I felt sulky that I was so tired and busy.

Dragonboating 2009 Friday 016We had our first race on Thursday, as I mentioned in my last post, and then on Friday we had our second race.  The odds of us drawing such hard teams again were very slim, sigh.. but we ended up racing the team that won the whole thing.  Oh well.  We tried.

You know I can’t even remember what happened after the race on Friday, something though.  We decided to host a BBQ on Sat as we all had to go back to the race area for the closing ceremonies anyway.   I went for a bike ride that morning.. and bloody well fell down like 2 mins from the house.  Was totally my own stupidity and fault, but that didn’t dull the pain.   I was faced with a choice, go home and clean my wounds (but likely be lame and stay there), or just keep going and clean up when I got home.

ouchiesYeah me I chose option number two, my logic being the pain is the worst in the first thirty minutes.  Adrenaline cuts the pain, so f%$k  it I should just go.  The only really bad bit was when I stopped in HsinDian for a min and I started to sweat… damn it all to hell that stung like a bitch!!  The little old man that informed me I was bleeding and asked if I was ok was pretty amusing though.

I made a video that I will edit sometime soon, (so I say).  Oh and when I went outside to make  video of my injuries I checked the mail and HOORAY!  My samples have arrived, Nadine is now forgiven.  I was so stoked that  I checked them out all sweaty bleeding and dirty, while Shane was chasing me with antiseptic trying to clean the cuts :P.

After the BBQ, which was awesome btw, we all headed up to the closing ceremonies.  And then to see Terminator (which was fine but nothing compared to Star Trek, which I loved and I’m going to marry Spock.. :D). zachary-quinto-spock_l Oh I almost forgot before the movie I was hanging out with Lisa at the race area, being silly etc and found out poor Trent lost his keys, so I dropped Lisa off at the MRT and went back to get Trent.  We had time (bairly) so I drove like a demon to get him home to pick up his spare keys and then flew back up to catch the movie.  I was so bagged at the end of the day I basically left the theater and went straight to bed!

On Sunday, we went up to the water park.  That was good fun and it was very cool that Toby, Tiffany and Lisa all made it up too!  We were having loads of fun but started to get a little chilly around 430, so Trace, Shane and I bailed.  Poor Melissa couldn’t come because she tore her pectoral muscle while drunkenly wrestling with the Filipino DB team the night before (doofus).  Then I came home and did some Chinese homework.

Monday was my usual busy madness.  Plus i’ve been rather stressed out so I kept forgetting to do somewhat important things that made my day even more hectic, needless to say when I got home at 10:20 I was BAGGED.

Oh and My friend put this on face book and it entertained me so I shall share here 🙂



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