First Race Day

28 05 2009

Dragonboating 2009 thursday 024Today we kicked off the Dragon Boat Festival, our first race was hectic, we were against a couple really tough teams.  We actually messed up a little at the start and there were a few problems in the middle but we pulled it together and we placed!  Which was what we needed to do to go on.  It was probably the best race of the day, the top three boats were really close pretty much the whole race and we beat the third team by some silly amount like 4/5ths of a second.

After the race, we hung out for a bit and then went to Carnegies for brunch with the Hess team.  🙂 Then I went home for a nap.   Oh I forgot a rather important bit.  I have a little concussion 😛  It’s totally not my teammates fault, but when we went over the buoy, it hit her paddle which whipped out of her hand and cracked me across the back of the head.  And yes it hurt as much as that sounds like it did.  BOO…  I’m sure the maitai I had with brunch probably didn’t help.. needless to say I was  a little groggy after my nap.

Dragonboating 2009 thursday 044But up I got and went to the opening ceremonies, we had some drinks and messed about for a bit.  We went to dinner and then out to Bliss, we were supposed to meet up with the Filipino team but they never showed so we just hung out and had fun together.  Tomorrow’s race is .. well let’s say hectic.  If we have a perfect race and the other one (yeah only really one is an issue) then we have a chance.   Unfortunately we drew our coach’s team for our second race and they are REALLY good, like have been paddling for 10+ years. We’ll try our best though.  Apparently coach Joe said he was heartbroken over it… as his team is, well his team, but our team is his too (He’s injured and can’t row this year but he’s steering for his team I believe).

Dragonboating 2009 thursday 050Tomorrow should be interesting to say the least.  This morning was kinda meh as well because I had a late night last night, bit of a conflict with a friend, stressed me out before bed.  On the bright side a couple of my students made it to the race, lol one of them game me a gift that I thought was chocolate, but turned out to be good luck erasers that she had made.  Dang I wanted chocolate!

ok bed time more tomorrow.



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30 05 2009

How sweet that some of your students came!

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