Welcome to …. the trip!

26 05 2009

Welcome to my own personal ego trip ;0)!

me tigI have had a rather rocky past with my self esteem.  I had a pretty weird childhood, I was the dark horse in my town.  And not for any easily discernible reason.  Yeah I know boo hoo.  Whatever 🙂  The point is for years I was told I was the ugliest thing there was.  Weird thing was whenever I left my home town people always acted really weird like I was one of the pretty girls or something.  Obviously that was fabo but clearly they were just confused, right?  Well and my Family and (6 friends) all said I was really pretty… me bowbut hell they’re supposed to .. I mean you don’t tell uggo’s their uggo’s unless you’re being mean.

A what a twisted web!  The masses of teen brats saying you’re a dog, and the few people disagreeing with them are WILDLY unreliable sources… Damned loved ones.  Now this isn’t all that exciting but it does explain the back and forth love affair I’ve had with my own image.

The funny thing is in trying not to show any weakness, I have come across as high on my self to some people.  Which is endlessly amusing to me. 😀   Generally speaking I think I’m just a normal girl, can be pretty can not… meh.  But it’s funny to me because at the same time I kinda think I’m super pretty.  😛

me eyesToday is one of those days… and I decided that I’m allowed (that’s right I’m giving myself permission to be a ego maniac !!!)  to think I’m pretty.   TAKE THAT WORLD 😛

IMG_1426hem.. and since I’m ‘taking’ a little ego trip I though I’d share, because.. well I can and it’s my blog 🙂  It’s funny because all of this is more a reminder to myself to not let the little nagging voices get me down, than for anyone else.  I’m still, to this day, surprised when I see a really pretty picture of myself.  That’s why I have so many of them, constant reminders to myself that all the bad stuff isn’t true.  (Just in case anyone wants rag on me for this post, I thought I’d head the abuse off at the pass)

Image049Ok and now I’m just having fun looking at pictures and posting them here 😀 whee…. I still think the homeless one is the bestest!  It’s funny even my looking at these pictures I know when they are from, some are recent and some are wicked old but they all look the same to me :P.

Dark hair smaller

I liked the look when I dyed my hair back to dark!





That was fun 🙂

Wee 😀 good times 😛

pretty scooter

Bikini girl




8 responses

26 05 2009

I will always see you on the top of a pedistal! You are so high up on the list you sit with the angels! You are beautiful, and I hope you see yourself as that! If you ever need someone to remind you, give me a call I will remind you of how very spectacular you really are!


26 05 2009

Yeah compliments are always welcome…!!! Me on a pedistal, awe. you’re so sweet! hugs loves yeah miss yeah

27 05 2009

Yeah, you’re hot!!! I think growing up we both had our cute/pretty features about us, except perhaps when we went through our god-awful hairstyle fazes (shudder) Thank christ we grew out of THAT!!! It’s not just your looks, tho, sweetness, it’s your personality too – out of all the people I have EVER known, I have never met anyone as truly sparkly as you! Luvsluvsluvs ya 🙂

27 05 2009

LOL I didn’t write this for all the compliments, (i just did it for me actually) but the best part is they are cool compliments!! Truly sparkly? FAB! hugs! And shh don’t talk about the hair!

27 05 2009
Aunty Linda

Ok, I’m related…so maybe this doesn’t count for much. But here goes…..you are beautiful by anyone’s standards. You have a wonderful smile full of beautiful white teeth and a infectious laugh. You are NOT forgettable…and I think you are beautiful Mag..

Love Aunty Linda

27 05 2009

🙂 thanks Aunty Lin

28 05 2009

aw, suddenly I have a tear in my eye, and I REALLY miss you. I wish you would visit.

28 05 2009

awe! hugs I’m sure we’ll hang out real soon 🙂

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